Locating Property management companies.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bunton Guy, Jan 8, 2002.

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    Sometimes I will pass by a shopping center or building that just is looking bad..I will drop by and ask for the phone # of the property management company that takes care of the property and they dont know..I ask there manager and he dosent know. Then I ask if they are independently owned and if I can speak the the owner and they dont know the owners name or phone # so I am wondering if there is a way around them to finding who manages they shopping complexes ? I have called many realestate management companies and none of them have any new properties needing lawn & landscape maintnence work...kinda clueless at this point on where to go to pick up new commercial accounts. I have read several books and talked to many owners of Lawn companies making over a million a year...using there tips have gotten me knowere and there tips are somewhat commen sence..now dont get me wrong its not all commen sence.
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    use the county clerks office. the dept is (please forgive me) assessing. the ones who figure taxes and such. give them the address and they will tell you who own it ,what the taxes are, the mortgage and such.
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    Most shopping centers will have signs up with the name of leasing agents unless the space is completely full.

    Look around for the signs.
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    Bruces got it right!

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