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  1. Kevin

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    from S.E. PA
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    Does W.E. sell only through the catalogs? I don't see any of my local (southeast PA) dealers with any displays etc.
  2. WE Chapps

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    Thanks for the question.
    No, W.E.Chapps products can be bought at many dealers thoughout the country. Unfortunately, not everyones area has one of our dealers. W.E. suggest that you and anyone else that can't find our products in their area tell your local dealers about our products and ask them to contact us(800-816-2427)about bringing in the products that you are interested in. W.E. have no minimums for dealers to meet on our products so bringing in one of something is no problem for them.
    If for some reason this doesn't work you can order from us on the web or request our new 2001 catalog and use the order form in there.
    If you have any more questions please don't hesitate.

    Have a great season,

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