lock box or cover?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by lukemelo216, Nov 29, 2011.

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    So I have a HOA client that is having some issues with its residence breaking the door off the controller, accessing it and changing the settings on the controller. They are pulling the little side pins out on the door and then they just pop it off.

    So I was talking with the rep for the HOA and he wants to put some sort of lock box or something over it that will enclose the controller that we can put a few padlocks on and keep it sealed. Anyone ever see anything like this?

    The controller is about 1 ft off the ground and is on a wooden post (probably a 6x8 or soemthing like that.) Im seeing limited stuff on line, and the one I thought would work is 1000$ and I know that is out of budget.
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    I have seen people make wooden enclosers or you could have a local metal shop fab you somthing.
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    yeah im sure the fabricating something is going to have to be the option we take.
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    An electrical junction box like this ought to work.
    Check with the local electrical supply company.
    I've also seen galvanized junction boxes used for this purpose.
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    Electrical supply houses can get what you need.

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    How about a Ridgid job site storage unit turned sideways? My out of the box thinking solution. Plus it would make a good pic for FAILBLOG.
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    Buy a clock with access codes built-in. :)
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    I know local companies that are doing this for backflow preventers on commercial and HOA sites. They are sanding down and either painting or powder coating them gray to look like electric boxes, since the theves have been breaking or stealing backflow cages.
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