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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by burns60, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. burns60

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    I have always locked my equipment if I was mowing where I wouldn't have the truck if sight. But, today I was mowing about 100 yards from the truck and it was in full sight. I was watching my tracks to keep a straight line and when I looked up to check the truck I saw a guy just leaving the truck. He didn't appear to be carrying anything, but I made a beeline to the truck and checked it all out. He had opened a gas can and threw the cap out into the parking lot of the church I was working on. I could tell he had opened the door, and messed with some boards I had in the open trailer. So far I have not noticed anything missing. I went back to finish and later he appeared again running down the street. He again came around the church, went behind it by the truck again, crossed the back yard and to a house next door and went inside. A good lesson for us all, lock that equipment no matter what the situation. I could not believe he was so brazen as to "check" out the truck with me in full sight of him, and that he obviously lived right next door. When I went to the front of the church I found an unopened pack of chips which he probably had stolen from the 7-11 store across the street and dropped when he was running. How stupid and brazen can he be. Or maybe I'm the stupid one for being so naive to think someone would never steal from me with me watching them. Sorry to be so long winded, but thought it may save someone the expense of replacing some equipment. Lock it up.
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    I stopped by a customers place to do some measuring for a quote (I do excavating/hardscaping) with the trailer/excavator on. (I was finished a job a bit early and it was on the way home). I parked on the side of the road (rural sideroad) so I put safety pylons out front and back. I was only there for 15-20 minutes, came back out and someone had stole the pylons!! The $20 for new ones doesn't upset me a lot, it's more the fact if someone had hit me, it could be bad news for liability without the cones or some other warning markers, not to mention I'd hate to see someone get hurt if it were to happen.
  3. olderthandirt

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    You can carry, Might be illegal to pull it and I know its illegal to use one ,but it ain't illegal to make him think you will use it. Might make him think twice or it will make him pull his. Guess it all depends on how much of a confrontation you want. But since you went and checked out you truck as soon as he ran I would say that you were "concerned" and should be ready to protect yourself
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    Yeah I had a br-420c walk away last winter while the equipment sat.

    That and I guess I should lock ALL the equipment always but usually once I get going, I simply drape the chain with the lock around everything so it LOOKS locked (saves time). And sure enough I get the googlers go look in the back of the truck, then they leave.
    One thing it also does is it lets people know: You're not new at this, you've been ripped off before - Saves me a TON of bs'ing with those fools on the side of the road, they used to do it to me all the time.
  5. Richard Martin

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    A couple of things.

    The guy sounds like he was high on PCP or tranny fluid. Something along those lines you know. You should have called the cops.


    Check with the police before you carry any kind of weapon. In Maryland they throw you in jail for concealing firearms. It must be unloaded in plain sight. Permits to carry are available but they are difficult to get and it's highly unlikely a grassman will get one.
  6. smcguirt

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    I was buying a lazer 2 weeks ago and while in the dealership this guy walks in looks all cracked out and asks about a blower and has them test a starter off of a riding mower. He was there for a while acting all whacked out and everyone could tell he was obviously high. He asked about the price of a stihl blower and said that is too high and then leaves. I was there about another 45 minutes and while they are getting my Z ready I went to cut a yard close by. I get there and damnit one of my blowers is gone (BR400), shows how cracked out he was. The 400 is about 8 years old and my helper uses it. I had a brand new 420 sitting right beside it and he didn't touch it. The blower has definitely seen its better days but it is just the fact of some low life stealing it. This dealership is on one of the busiest streets in town so never think they wont steal from right in front of you. Dealer has some new BR600's he said he will make me a deal on.

    Shawn McGuirt
    PROScapes Lawn Care
    Dallas GA
  7. Runner

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    Those that are desperate enough will try to take the stuff right from you - right in plain site. Hey, they burglarize, they carjack, they purse snatch, and do roll-outs at grocery stores. These people don't care...they just go for it.
  8. impactlandscaping

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    I agree, Joe. But most of them get away simply due to lack of interest in the case or insufficient / circumstancial evidence. I'm with Mac. If you carry, be prepared to use it if need be.....
  9. burns60

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    That's another thought I had today. Lack of interest in a case involving theft of mowing equipment. You are right. Probably no chance of ever getting it back. So, another reason to start locking it up at all times. After yesterday's experience I decided today to lock everything at all times. Man, talk about a PITA. I don't know if I will be able to keep this up or not. May just start a "replacement" fund, just for stolen equipment. Liked the "carrying" suggestion but with my luck I would probably just blow a hole in an edger or trimmer.

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