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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by AzLawnMan, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Landrus2

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    They usually take small equipment but if you think your walker is in the list
    Those chains will just slow them down like .5 of a second your best lock is to have it insured or install low jack
  2. AzLawnMan

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    All walkers are insured for "new replacement" upon theft. Meaning, the second I report a walker stolen I can go down to my dealer and have it replaced and paid for at the time. I pay more to have that coverage on just my walkers but it is well worth it. The locks are meant to make a thief think twice about the work he has to put in. If someone wants your stuff they will find a way to get it, but if the locks give my crews some extra time then thats all I expect. Plus insurance is more willing to scratch a check if they see that you have done everything you can to protect your stuff.
  3. JFGauvreau

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    It's always good to take some pics of how your setup is, pics of your locks, chains, so at least if the insurance ask for what kind of method were you using to prevent theft, you can show them some pictures.
  4. GrassesGuy

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    I got cameras at my shop with infra red for night. When I do a properties there's always a guy in the front working and then we switch keeping someone in the front by the truck always.
  5. humble1

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    Pad lock shackle and deadbolt on door, overhead doors have 2 locks one to overhead door latch one to chain up high, equipment is then cable locked together and to pallets. However if they get in it just slows them down. I forgot to unlock the trailer from the 5 pallets , ny four wheeler and the pallet jack and mig welder. I was on the phone as the truck was lagging as I was pulling out I realized what happened felt like a jackwad. Oh well its secure
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  6. Mikegyver

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    So most thefts happen on the job? What should i do as I am a one man crew about half the time and the trailer is generally out of sight????
  7. grasshopper91

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    Yes. I am also a solo operator. Personally, I use steel coated cables and padlocks to lock up the equipment while I am in a backyard.

    I'm not saying the theives wont cut the locks but it will slow them down or better yet, make them leave!
  8. AzLawnMan

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    It won't slow them down or make them leave. Build a box like on the original photos and lock your stuff of the best you can. It doesnt matter how you lock your stuff up, if they want it they will get it. I have had 2 attempted breakins on my trailers since I added the locks and cages, they stole a $180 pole pruner. I will live with that any day of the week.
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  9. Mikegyver

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    I would have never thought that something like that would be a issue...so will they walk up when there is people all around and just grab something?
  10. AzLawnMan

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    One of my crews stopped at a gas station, 3 guys went in to get drinks and one stood in the truck. A bmw pulls up and a guy jumps out with bolt cutters and trys to cut one of the locks, he couldn't but noticed a blower in the bed of the truck. He steals that, throws it inside his car and speeds off. By the the time my guy jumps out of the back seat, he is gone. A total of 45 seconds. Video and everything, still never found the guy.
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