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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Scag48, Sep 11, 2002.

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    Hey Exmark. Do you know of anywhere that I can get a lockable gas cap for my Turf Tracer? I'd kinda like to have one. I have to leave my trailer and truck parked in the school parking lot and am worried some people might get some bad ideas and put something in my tank. Any ideas of where I can get one? Thanks alot. Exmark rocks!
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    Sorry I sometimes have trouble saying that word.................

    As far as the lockable gas caps go we do not currently have anything available and don't know of any after market solutions either. Most of the locking caps attach to the tanks with a push and twist or they are a male threaded cap rather than a female. Engineering did do some searching a few years ago but were unable to locate anything that either functioned well or was affordable.

    You may want to visit a tractor supply or possibly an auto-parts store. I'm sure that if you found something the other lawnsite members would be interested as well.


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    Why not just leave the mower at home. I personally wouldn't bring any equipment to school not even a shovel in my truck since it is a Public school full of deliquints (ie bused in kids).
    I just wouldnt trust people around a $4000 machine thats all.
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    Wow! Only 60 and 70 bucks a pop, too! What a bargain! Which only leads me to one small question..........WHY??? We'd better get an oil cap lock, too.:rolleyes:
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    Holy s**t $59.95!!! Thats a pile of money for a lockable gas cap!!!!!!!! And you would need 2 for most Z's :eek: :eek: ED

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