Loegering Versitile Track System

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by jreiff, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. jreiff

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    from MN
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    Anyone seen these new track system that Loegering as put out? Anyone have them?

    Saw them in a magzine. Look pretty neat. Wonder how they would hold up? How they would do in snow?

    Can turn a skidsteer into a track skidsteer.

    This is the web site: www.loegering.com
  2. D Felix

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    They cost about $15k, so that can be prohibitive.

    But, if you want to look at it differently, you can buy a wheeled machine plus these tracks for roughly the same price. Supposedly it takes only an hour or so to switch between the two, but you need a forklift of some sort to do it.

    The tracks have a little bit of suspension, which could be a plus.

    I've never used them or seen them being used on anything other than a demo video...

  3. ksss

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    There is a guy on heavyequipmentforums.com who bought a set. According to his post it took about 2.5 hours to install on his Bobcat 250. I looking at some other markets in which I would need a set of tracks. I like the idea of having the ability to track up either of my machines with the same tracks or run wheels as the situation dictates. If they hold up it would be a great investment. 15K seems high but I plan on talking to the Loegren guys at CONEXPO next week and see if that can't be negeotiated some.
  4. Scag48

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    My dad was looking at them in a magazine and goes "Dang those things look cool, I want a set". I told him they were $15K and he almost fell out of his chair. Seems somewhat overpriced to me. I can see how you would get the same traction and suspension from a dedicated track machine on a wheeled machine that allows you to take the tracks off, but $15K is a little bit far out of our price range. Plus, I would like to hear about how they hold up, let them produce the product for a couple years and fix any "bugs" that may be in them. Other than that, they look like a great product. If you can afford them I say go for it.

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