Log splitter hydraulics

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by LwnmwrMan22, Mar 18, 2007.

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    I've got a commercial grade log splitter.

    It's supposed to have a 6 second cycle time (down and back) auotmatically.

    It's going on 9 years old, maybe 10, don't remember off hand.

    Right now, it's more like a 9-10 second cycle time, if you run it with the control.

    It's got a dual valve, so you hit two levers forward, and when it hits the end, it's supposed to pop that one, and then cycle back automatically.

    Probably 60-70% of the time, it does NOT cycle back, which is really annoying when you're splitting 16" blocks that are 30+" in diameter, trying to not let both halves hit the ground, yet reach around and hit the lever again for the cylinder to cycle back.

    Anyone have any idea why this isn't cycling back automatically?? Also, why might the cycle time be slowing down??

    I'm not exactly the greatest with hydraulics and such.

    The filter for the hydraulics was changed last year, we've used it for about 20 hours so far this year.

    I don't think that's plugged.

    Any other suggestions??

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    The value controls are probably starting to get worn out, you may have a seal that is letting minimal pressure escape. As far as the cycle time goes, your hydo pump may also be getting weak, nine or ten years of hard splitting will do that to a pump especially if it has had alot of strain put on it, which i'm sure it has.

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