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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by stuntmanlogan, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. FinerCutslawnCare

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    I think you need to get up some pics, and also get everyone up to speed on your little investment...just saying
  2. B.K.'S Lawn Service

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    Nice equipment, did i miss your name on the side of the truck and trailer??
  3. tacoforeveryone

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    Really like the equipment and the truck. The stripes look very good and professional. Just wondering how you like your 36" Turf Tracer? I am thinking about adding one to the fleet for this coming season and my question to you is in your experience, how good has it done with the strip of grass between the street and sidewalk? Especially with small residential accounts I have had lots of problems with scalped turf and have resided to push mowers for the task, but was wondering what your past experience / thoughts were. Thanks for your help.
  4. stuntmanlogan

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    Well if anyones interested. I have a huge update on my business. I am no longer working under Logan's Lawn Care. I won't say my new companies name as when you do a google search it comes straight to this website. Two years ago I purchased a company who used to be on this forum actually. His company was roughly the same size as mine so it worked out perfectly since I needed additional equipment to better service the customers I already had. After two full seasons I still have all of my previous customers plus all but two of his that canceled for random reasons. Not work related. I am now running two full time mowing crews working around 60 hours a week and one full time fertilizer technician. We also starting doing much more landscaping and the goal for 2016 is to have a full time landscape crew of three guys. I will say landscaping pays a lot better than lawn care any day of the week. And is the direction I would like to start taking the company. I currently have 10 full time guys on payroll and am needed a few more as the demand for our services continues to grow. This past winter was one of my biggest years in snow removal. I ran right around 50 guys for each snow storm. And somehow we managed to get everything done. Luckily I have a great employee who has previous experience managing a snow removal company and he helped out tremendously. If I get time I will post up some new updated photos of my equipment and shop. I have found it that being extremely organized and having a very good relationship with a personal banker is key in this business. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I haven't been on the site in over a year. So I will try to answer everything as quickly as I can.
  5. jay_mc1

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    I would love to see some pictures of your equipment and jobs that you have done over the past year+. Do you use a spreader/sprayer or walk on your fert. applications? I added fert apps to my business last year and it has been a great addition.
  6. stuntmanlogan

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    We have both a Z-spray witch is a complete pile, and a T3000 witch I hated at first. But it has done the best so far on hills and wide open areas. And then we also use lesco's push spreaders and a 300 gallon skid sprayer for liquid applications. Im going to work on pics tonight when every things back at the shop. Its pretty empty right now. A bulk majority of the equipments gone.

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