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    Is it worth mowing lawns? Is the demand curver economically worth it or are you guys living day to day? I have been in bussiness for 7 years and used to think i would be a millionare. However i got a real job and use mowing for ffun money and bill money. Give me some feed back of your economic peraballas. Just curious

    rob. (kcmlandscaping)
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    when i lived in northern ohio, i made pretty good money, enough money to move here in florida, but finding out its totally different here, alot of yo-yo's cutting grass next to nothing, hard to compete with that but being my second year here, its getting better, learning new marketing tools to gain clients, so i guess, so far, so good! you have to do more then just mow lawns...that separates the pro's from the yo-yo's.:weightlifter:

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