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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by aaronmg, Jan 29, 2013.

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    the work you do will make your name, no matter what it is.
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    I guess what I'm asking is separating the mowing from the fertilizing/weed control. Being that I'm in a very rural area, I would need a larger area to advertise and driving an hour wouldn't be in my best interest for a day of mowing, but I could justify the fert/ weed control apps an hour away. So I would advertise fert apps with the lawn care name and locally the mow and grow, just to avoid telling customers an hour away that I don't mow in there area.
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    In all honesty, if your in such a rural area are you going to be able to make a profit? Do homeowners in your area fertilize and worry about weeds?

    I also highly doubt that you would be large enough for several years before you could even start to think about separating the company unless you are in a very up and coming area that wants their yards better than everyone else's.

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    Cowboy, it is a unique area. There is a ski resort and the largest fresh water lake in maryland 5 miles from me. If not for them, we would be considered 3rd world... Plenty of opportunity here with between 4-5 thousand surrounding lake homes. If I were to fail it will not be cause there's not enough work here... Sorry about the local geography lesson....

    ELS, I'm glad you pointed that out. Back to evaluating more entries.
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    Check one of the domain purchasing websites to find out if your company domain name is available for purchase. This helps for later on when your company is larger and needs an online presence. I purchased my website domain 3 years before settting up the site.
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    I have reserved the rights for .com and .net already. I'm thinking I might slowly be working on the website this year to get it up as soon as possible.. I saw a thread on here sometime in the last month where someone stated they thought web advertising would be almost worthless in 10 years. I'm believing it will be around 5 years so the sooner to get the customers the better before it becomes saturated with advertising.

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