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    Here is a list of some good advertising products from VistaPrint. * indicates items I have used or am using.

    *Business Cards
    -Great to network. Also, there good for free lunches as some restaurants have a drop your card in the bucket. I never go anywhere with less than 10 business cards in my wallet and another 25 in my vehicle.

    -Tell people about your services. When I am looking for someone for any reason a website is my first preference. It lets me know what the company stands for, who they are and what to expect. If you can give a general price (say, starting at 19.95) that helps too.

    -I am working to order some but they will be a more "detailed" description of the company and services I will provide. Great for the more commercial properties or dropping off in a public location (gas station bulletin board).

    Rack Cards
    -Simple, 1 page or 2 side rack card. Almost like a door hang. Great and inexpensive for a general service listing and contact info. I plan to use them for going door to door and handing out.

    -Not so much needed for the job, but, if you are community focused it nice to have on hand. Sponsor a scout troop or community event and maybe you can hang it up. Check on the laws, but donations to non-profits can be tax deductible and if you get your banner up that is advertisement. For example, here we have a "Polar Plunge" to raise money for the special olympics. I could donate as a business and in return my banner is hung up. The event is in the paper and on TV.

    Lawn Signs
    -Have a couple on hand. Maybe offer a discount if a customer will have one in their yard. Do not ask a customer though, just maybe advertise on your website "Have our sign on your lawn for a week and save xxx amount".

    *Car door magnets
    -Have your company name and number, sometimes the website. I ordered 2 so both sides are covered.

    *Bumper sticker
    -Keep one on your company vehicle for on the back, or have one for your personal car. Why not advertise with your personal vehicle?

    -This is more for down the road but VistaPrint and CustomInk both have custom pens. You can get it with your company name, number and logo (or choose their design). Can get costly but a nice item to just leave around town, or forget in high population areas.

    *Business Card Magnet
    -Basically your business card as a magnet. Great for "preferred" customers to keep on your fridge. If they have quests over they may see it as well and if your doing a great job its a conservation starter and lead to a word of mouth.

    -If you want to make a "company shirt" with your name/logo or something CustomInk has Safety Green. VistaPrint has some good options as well but they only have black grey or white. They have khaki hats that I have used in the past and I like them a lot.

    For marketing I go thru Vistaprint.com or customink.com for a lot of things. Remember, keep it simple though. Do not over do it and swamp your customers and figure out what your budget it for marketing.

    As an idea Facebook has a page option for advertising as well. I believe you can set the demographic so the ad tries to get you likes from just locals. It may help. Price starts at around 10.00 for upto 31 likes I believe.

    Also, if you really want to go all out you can make a Youtube commercial, however, I have no clue the price. It can be set to target a demographic area.

    Ideally, I say stick to business cards, rack cards and a company tshirts as well as the car door magnets. That alone will get you far. Oh, and a website.
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    If I'm not mistaken, you just described Deep Creek Lake and the adjoining Wisp Resort. I know that area very well. Was a boat mechanic on the lake for while. Fun place if you like to spend a lot of money.
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    Yeah, your right about the money. I live 5 minutes away from McHenry and summertime I hate even thinking about going out there for anything but work...
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    I lived 20 min away in Grantsville right off 68. It was a 20 min ride to Harveys Peninsula, but the cost of living was the cheapest I have ever seen. Had a 2 bed town house with garage for 425/mo including water.

    It was a fun place to work for a while, met alot of girls and new friends from service calls. Even when I was on the roof of another marinas storage building on april 1st shoveling heavy wet snow and ice off the roof as it was on the verge of collapse.

    I even did some part time work at Team 1 as a service writer...Still have the coffee mug. lol.
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    I live on rock lodge road on the bittinger side. I remember the snow. it was 2003 we had 4 buildings collapse that snow at beachy lumber in oakland when i worked there.
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    Not many jews around here, but if you could come up with a amish advertising campaign and get a 10% roi I think you could be ceo of any company in the world....
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    small world. yup April 1 2003. That was a cold summer. I remember it as one of the worst summers for that lake in a long time.
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    Round here kimball brothers cleveland brothers king enterprise. All the biggest local companies. Yiur name doesnt matter, your work and reputation does... really?? Unprofessional to have your name in your biz name? Give me a break. Thats the dumbest commwnt ive ever heard.
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