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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ctwostroker, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Hello everyone. I'm the newbie here. I am in the process of starting my lawn care business and have learned so much from you all. We have started all the legal aspects, the insurance, and have managed to get a few accounts. The biggest problem I am having up to this point, and yes I know there will be much bigger problems, is coming up with a logo that does'nt look like.........well, like I came up with it. :confused: You see I'm not that artistic. I have seen a lot of yours and there are some excellent ones, and I know that there are also some talented graphic artists on here. I know I've been going about this with a one track mind. The name we have chosen is "Curb Appeal Lawn", and I keep coming up with logos that have a house in it and way too many colors to be used on shirts, fliers, etc.For some reason it ends up looking more like a logo for a Realtor. I actually just want something simple that still looks professional. Any ideas or suggestions out there? It always looks better when someone else comes up with it. I appreciate all of your help. :clapping:

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    Hey man check out this web site. www.ezsignsplus.com. My buddy Paul Gettys is the owner and he is awsome with graphics.reasonable also. He did my logo and if you go to the site it is displayed on the home page. Tell him Rich sent ya. Hope this helps.

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