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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by WillMowForBeer, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. WillMowForBeer

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    For those of you who had a proffesional logo designed, how much did you pay? also about how much for a web site designed/maintained? :drinkup:
  2. mad_wrestler

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    I am working with Fanning Design. He is the design consultant for AdMobile and just recently did a National design campaign for Kia Auto and Oprah Winfrey. He charges $1200. What that includes is a custom logo on 1000 business cards , 1000 business letter heads and 1000 envelopes. He does great work check it out.


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    I have been using a Logo I had created myself but was wanting something more professional. I researched on the Internet for good services provided to create logos. I ended up using www.thelogoloft.com , they created me a logo in 3 days and if you have any questions or want something changed you can talk to the actual artist doing the logo unlike other company's you just talk to a representative. They charged me $79 to create my logo for my business and it turned out excellent and I would highly recommend them. Good luck!

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    well lets see the logo
  5. WillMowForBeer

    WillMowForBeer LawnSite Member
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    thanks guys I found someone who is local and only charges about 50-65/hr. he said it will only take about an hour to do what I'm wanting. Superior, we would love to see what you had done....maybe a before and after shot.
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  6. drsogr

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    Wow 1200? I want to see this logo when its done!
  7. monstermows

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    I brought in a 24 pack of busch cans and they said we have a deal. My logo ended up being a beer can with a lawnmower drawn on it. They also were very creative with advertising we cut the top off the can and roll a flyer up inside of it and drive down the street throwing them out the window
  8. CC Lawncare

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    Mad Wrestler.......are you serious??? Have I told you about the $35,000 Exmark 52" that I just picked up? I would sell it to you for a little less if you are interested...... runs gggrrreeeeeeeeeeatt !!! hammer :dizzy: :dizzy:
  9. drsogr

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    LOL....I am sure there are a lot of companies that pay much more than that for a logo! Probably not too many in the lawn care industry.
  10. mad_wrestler

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    Its not for my landscaping business. It is for my construction company. Included will be 1000 logo applied envelopes, 1000 company letterhead, 1000 cards each for myself, my partner and our site manager. Also, will be two sets of truck door magnets, 300 chloroplast signs, vinyl signs and finally a 3' X 5' vinyl sign to go in centerfield at local high school ball field. $1200 in my opinion is a small price to pay. That essentially is your face to the customers and possible clients...And hey CC LAWNCARE, I got sumin' made up for you too!!!! :nono:

    Here are a few that we have gotten thus far.

    Can ya'll tell me which one you like the best. And don't ramble about the money, the decision has been made and like I said it really isn't an issue for us! Thanks. You all are great!

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