logo what do you thing?

Scenic Lawnscape

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let me know what you guys think?



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I like the logo, it just doesn't grab my attention as a landscaping logo at all. Maybe if you can have the jet flying just above the ground with some more grass, or something.
just my first impression


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Suggestion that you check around and see if you can find someone to draw the jet with a mower deck flying like twins_lawn_care suggests. Or if you are real good with a computer to match two pictures, etc. Good luck!!!

Groundcover Solutions

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Canton, MI
I like it alot, it displays your company well. I would lose the grass though. I know some might say it dose not look like a landscaping co. but hey it is unique. Just my 2 cents... If it is worth any thing. Don't flame me I am not picking on anyone just putting my 2 cents out there.

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