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  1. deere4ever

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    I'm thinking about choosing a permanent logo. I'm in South Carolina and was thinking about doing this as my logo and of course put the name (H&H Lawn Care) and my services..Let me get some input on this...Does it look crazy or a good idea...Thanks guys good or bad

    palmetto tree...H&H Lawn care.png
  2. deere4ever

    deere4ever LawnSite Member
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    66 views and not a single reply...Sure will be glad when I get a couple thousand post under my belt
  3. memphis.landscape

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    nothing about that really says landscaping to me. I think about those coexist stickers I see on hippies cars. Just my opinion.
  4. deere4ever

    deere4ever LawnSite Member
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    see thats the exact thing I was thinking too... Around here lots of people wear them carolina shirts with the palmetto tree on them...I was thinking about adding like a bed of grass on the bottom of it and see what I can come up with... Thanks for the reply though thats exactly why I was wanting some input on it...
  5. Patriot Services

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    Just seems very generic. About as common as the palm tree logo is in FL.
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  6. deere4ever

    deere4ever LawnSite Member
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    Ok so tell me if this logo looks any better than what I posted before

  7. JDeereZman

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    I like both of them but I think the second will work best for you in you. Especially like the colors. :)
  8. RBatten

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    from FL
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    I like the last one much better. You might want to change the graphics a little so they don't look so cartoonish. Maybe use real grass and a palm tree to give it a more realistic look.

    Just a thought.
  9. Agape

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    looks better,here is what all my signs look like-no specific logo, but very noticeable and memorable-also readable from a ways away as any sign should be-
    The most important is the phone # highly readable followed very closely by what it is you do (generally not each specific thing) your name isn't that important unless it says what it is you do; like "super awsome lawncare"
  10. Agape

    Agape LawnSite Bronze Member
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