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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Metro Lawn, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Metro Lawn

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    I have seen some of the designs that Gopher has done for many of you. My question is this: I am pretty happy with our company's logo ect. What I want is like a character logo to go along with everything else. Like a little cartoon type "Grass Man" or Blade of Grass.. is this something they could do? It would have to be something simple that I could have cut in Vinyl with out having it screen printed. Anyone ever get anything like this?
  2. mowerman90

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    Take a look at http://www.designoutpost.com/guidelines.htm
    If you look in their gallery you'll see some really amazing work. The whole idea behind it is that you pay the site a "prize amount" and then they run a contest to see who can come up with the best design for you. I've seen some really nice professional looking logos and artwork for as little as $50. Actually, most of the contests are $100 or less. You choose the amount. Check it out.
  3. Metro Lawn

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    I diid look on that site, but all I saw was complex logos including company names ect. I am looking for something very basic. I didn't know if they would bother with something this small. I found a sample and I will try to post it. It is the 800Lawncare logo..but along the lines of what I am looking for...
  4. Ryan Lightning

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    Metro lawn, is that grass guy a trade mark logo? Theres a company here in town that uses that on there trucks.
  5. Metro Lawn

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    It is a franchise based out of Michigan
  6. chuckwk

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  7. Runner

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    That isn't a franchise logo. That belongs to a guy I know. He's about 10 minutes away from me, and my friend John and I service his trucks and equipment fairly often. Lately though, one of John's employees has just been going over there and working part time for him working on his truck and stuff. He is based out of Flint, here, and also just opened up a branch down near Clarkston, I believe. This guy is BIG into marketing. For instance, this guy does tens of thousands of dollars per night just in salt (mostly salt). He hires around 40 subcontractors to push snow for him (along with his trucks) so he can do the salting. He's a pretty nice guy, but mainly a good businessman. He's always hiring, and also employs about 30 immigrants from Mexico though the H2B program.
  8. Metro Lawn

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    Runner: I don't know who it actually belongs too, but I found it with this franchise info. 1-800-LAWNCARE based out of Walled Lake, Michigan uses this logo on everthing from it's website, promo items, truck lettering, ect. I did notice that it doesn't have a TM or R next to it. Does that mean it's just anyone can use it?
  9. indmowing

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    I was under the impression that 1800 Lawn care was an association, and stating that they are an "association of independent local lawn care providers". If it is an association, then I would say that members would be allowed to use their logo (depending on what permission they give)

    Who knows these days. I just found a website of a gent based in Farmingville, NY. He virtually copied a member of ours webpage word for word and used our photographs from this webpage also. The webpage has copyright on it. Even if it didn't people really don't respect Intellectual Property these days do they?

    Oh well, it happens

    Take care all

  10. Runner

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    No... you guys are right. It IS an association, which brings up some VERY INTERESTING questions on my part. I went to the website, checked it out, and looked for the company in my area, by entering my zip-code. It came up BLANK! There IS no company in my area that is with this association. Now remember, as I stated in an earlier post, this guy I know is only about 10-15 minutes away from me, so he should have showed up on the site. I'm going to talk to him and see what the deal is. Perhaps he was a member and no longer is, or something. I know he still has the logos and number on his truck, though. They say on the website that anyone not up to the standards are taken off their program. Or, maybe, the program just didn't show the results that were intended for this guy, and he decided to discontinue. At any rate, this should prove to be interesting. Also, this means that this is PROBABLY a whole different company down by you, Metro, than this guy, even though he has branched out. I'll do some checking and see. :)

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