Logos and business name.


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I’ve been running my family’s business for 15 years. Its time to make a name for my self. Mental illness has made working with them toxic. I don’t want to “Take” the company but I don’t think I should pay for something I saved from bankruptcy and invested all my free time to nurture.

I’m thinking to start a company and sub for my family. That way all new work is mine and I don’t screw them over.

my initials are MAB. I was thinking of going with that. Being that my last name starts with a B. I think that would help me show up earlier if adds are listed alphabetically. It also seems more elegant. I want to use something old customers will recognize so they know I’m not a fly by night.


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To be honest, I really dislike the alphabet name companies. They never seem to last. All the big players in my area (bergen county NJ) have real names that paint an image of what they do. The old thought of first in the phone book is dead. No one even uses a phone book. Come up with a creative name that ties you and the business to a nice picture of nature.

On not about working with family. Simpy DONT DO IT. Cut ties now and move yourself away from it. If you truly are the one who saved the company the first go around, then you will surely be able to build a great company again. Sit everyone down and explain your position. They may be mad but you will be burned out or dead from a mistake if you keep going the road your on. Best of luck.


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CrystalCreek nailed it.

Since marketing is in my wheelhouse, I'll simply underscore what he said about your naming idea and rationale. To be blunt, it's misguided and woefully out of date. The days of going with AAAAA+Landscaping to get ahead of AAAA+Landscaping, for the sake of placement, are long in the past.

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I'm of the mindset, do what the big companies do. Target, Amazon, Nike , Apple etc... they all pick a name and logo and develop brand recognition.

Jeff Bezos could have gone with JLBezos Inc. for example... rarely do you see the big companies do names like that.
I also believe its unwise to specify a specific task in the company name as its potentially limiting.

For example abc mowing, well what if you decide to expand into something else too?