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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by Roger, Feb 25, 2007.

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    I have lost many long posts because the BBS logs out before I finish. How long does "inactivity" last before being logged out?

    The procedure happens like this:

    1. I wish to reply to a thread, so click the "reply" or "quote" icon. The input screen appears.
    2. I proceed to develop a length response, sometimes taking me more than 30 minutes to get it written, edit and have it prepared for posting.
    3. When I click on the icon to post, a screen appears telling me I am not allowed to post.
    4. When I act, then I get a new screen with login and password request.
    5. Now, all my written preparation work is gone. However, I have tried to overcome by cut/paste. When the first screen appears, and tells me I am not allowed to post, I "cut" the entire document, and temporarily paste it to my Notepad on my PC. When I login and get back to the "input" screen, I can paste the document. However, when asking to post and responding, the reply is never posted. I return later in the day, the next day, and nothing is found.

    I have lost about a half dozen long posts this way in the past few weeks. After finding the written work missing, I am too frustrated to start over again. Apparently, my input into the box to prepare a post is considered "inactivity," and after so long, the BBS logs me out.

    So, my question is simple: Is there an option in my user profile to change this timer?

    Yes, you can argue the merits of shorter posts, my long-windedness, etc, but lets not go there.

  2. 1MajorTom

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    The logout time is 30 minutes. No there is no place where you can manually set your own logout time. Yes, the logout time can be increased for everyone, but that would not be a good idea. Lawnsite at times has 250+ members signed on at once, with 600+ guests. Increasing the time would just put more load on the server.

    What I don't understand is why you can't copy and paste your reply in at a later time. I do it all the time, but not for the same reason as you. Many times i get distracted, have to leave the computer to tend to something at the house... so I right click and highlight what I have typed, then click on copy. I leave the computer, come back an hour later, find the thread I was interested in responding to, then paste in my reply. It works every time.

    So if you have been typing awhile, just to be safe, highlight and copy your text. If you get the screen where it says you must log in, then re-log in, and go back to the thread you were replying to, then paste in your reply.
    Other than what I just typed, i'm unclear how to help you, as I don't understand why your reply won't show up if you copied and pasted it correctly.
  3. Construct'O

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    check to see how you got your cookies set.I was having trouble also ,set to allow cookies and now all is well.Good luck!

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