Lombardi Poplar


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Mt. Ida, AR
I just bought a house that has two trees in the backyard that I'm told are Lombardi Poplars. They don't give much shade and send out intrusive roots that encroach on the garden, and I'm afraid, my house. I'm thinking about cutting them down (they are about 50 feet tall), but I hate to cut down trees for no good reason. Does anyone have any info on them? Are there any reasons I should NOT cut them down? If I do, are they good wood to burn in a stove?


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the Lombardi Poplar ( http://www.cdr3.com/lombardy/) is easy to pick out and identify by it's columnar shape. It's been widely planted as a windbreak or privacy screen for quite sometime, however, it has a host of problems that you need to consider now that it is probably at it's peak or maybe even in decline(judging by it's height). For more info along those lines, click here

As for why you may want to keep them, you may want to read a bit from this source

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They are invasive and have very soft wood. You are better off cutting them down and replace with a better suited more attractive tree(s). getting the roots out will take some work, but it will be well worth the time.



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Agreed cut them down and plant something you like,they are short lived,susceptible to pests and disease and are weak wooded and have very invasive root systems.These trees are a more temporary screen tree while you grow longer lived stronger trees.To take their place.They are also used in rows of many trees for a break not just two.Don't feel bad
they are gonna die sooner than later.