Long Awaited! VOLT Lens & Filter Storage Binder


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Last year we promised to create a way to store and transport dichroic filters, glass lenses, and other easily damaged flat products. Here it is - The VOLT Lens & Filter Storage Binder!​

Easy to carry - available with VOLT or AMP branding.

Includes removable round stickers to secure filters in pockets; and removable labels for filter names. Instructions and dichroic filter guide included.

Wouldn't it be great to have a selection of all dichroic colors and color correction filters to take on sales calls.

Includes pages with (72) 2" pockets and (54) 3" pockets. A blank white page is inserted between pocket pages. This allows you to see accurate dichroic filter colors.

The binder is great for transporting filters from your office to the job site - and - it's the best place to store extra filters.

Great for keeping your Hex Louvre, Diffusion, and Frosted lenses safe. Tabbed dividers separate product types: Color Filters, Glass Lenses, and Optics.

Graph paper between these pages are there so you see the extent of diffusion by viewing the grid behind the filters.

The last tabbed section is for Infiniti™ fixture optics (use 3" pockets for these). If you're installing Infiniti's, you should always have extra optics on hand.

Where are you going to put them if you don't have this binder?
This is an indispensable tool for any professional who uses color filters, lenses, or replaceable optics!

Go to VOLT Lens & Filter Storage Binder.

Go to AMP Lens & Filter Storage Binder.

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