Long Island and Seed Germination

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Microbe, May 14, 2006.

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    To those working on the Island are you guy's having significant germination from your renovations and overseedings? I ask because the weather has steadlly been cool lately sometimes having a day or 2 with increased temperatures. Has the soil temperature become acceptable yet for significant germination? I've had rye grass germination and even TTTF, yet no blue grass or fescue germination it looks like. I'm asking because I wana know what to tell my customers, I have explained that it has been too cool for significant germination. I used Metro Mix From Lesco. Is this a good quality seed? What are other's inputs with this seed, do you use it? What would you recommend?:usflag:
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    I seeded some bare spots in the beginning of April with Kentucky blue grass. they are starting to fill in nicely, it is may 14 lol. It took about a 5 weeks to really fill in. I am located in Nassau County. btw, i use vigliotti's seed and fert. LawnInOrder
  3. Microbe

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    Some area's yes some no. Yet the seed still intact for almost 2 weeks, area is soft and decent for germ. Weird.. We'll see. On some lawns I had nice results other's mediocre.. Just askin.

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