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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tremor, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. tremor

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    Albany is giving Bayer so much trouble over Imidacloprid that Bayer is threatening to not seek re-registration for Nassau & Suffolk Counties.

    The detectable levels showing up in test wells are way below the limits for concern prviously established by the two concerned parties. But in true NY political fashion, the pols are going to stump for this for no other reason than job security. Honor, Science & "fair play" are not words found in the vocabulary of New York liberal politicians.

    Anyone here want to take a stab at how many pounds of active ingredient per acre (of other insecticides) will be needed to replace Merit, Provado, Admire, Gaucho, Bandit, & Marathon if they are lost?

    Consider the increased frequency of treatment too. Never mind the additional cost to the consumer when they want to go buy Lawn Care, Potatoes, Corn or Ornamentals.

    Also consider the dangerous precident this could set for the rest of NY as well as the rest of the country.
  2. Ric

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    How about 8 pounds of AI Carbaryl per acre to get half Azz control compared to Imidacloprid.

    If Chemical Manufactures don't start labeling their products Professional Use Only, We will lose them all. Now We all know they won't do that because they would lose the large retail market. So full steam ahead on the homeowner and scrub applicator pollution.
  3. I see alot of truth in what ric posted!
  4. bobbygedd

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    but....i thought pesticides were harmless?
  5. Ric

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    Yes, They are harmless and taste delicious. I recommend you make a cocktail of Chlordane and Kelthane. I am sure it will get you higher than the pot you are presently smoking. BTW if you get a bad bag, Just lacy in with some Dursban and it will be better than any commercial weed you can buy.
  6. tremor

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    If Sevin goes the way of the Clinton/Gore team, then all we're left with is Dylox.

    Dylox lasts 10 days in the soil. Merit lasts the entire season which when targeting White Grubs, is about a 30 day need.

    Dylox is applied at 8.2 lbs of Active Ingredient per Acre. Merit is applied at .2lbs AI/A.

    Dylox would need to be applied up to 3 times to perform as well as Merit applied once.

    Therefore Dylox can sometimes be expected to “hit the grass” at 24.6 lbs AI/A versus Merit at .2 for a soil applied increase of 123 times.

    Since the two most commonly applied versions of these products (for Lawn Care) have virtually identical LD-50s, there is only a three-fold increase in application related hazard due to 3 application events instead of 1.

    Plus the cost to consumers for acceptable Grub control will skyrocket.

    Numbers like these could be routed through liberal channels to liberal newspapers with rather embarrassing results. You see the folks at NYPIRG are totally comitted to saving consumers money from corporations & Mother Earth from us. (it's OK if consumers send their money to the government though)
  7. Ric

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    I wished I could get 10 days out of Dylox. Our Calcareous Sand has a natural pH of 9.5. Sevin has the broadest Label of any pesticide every made. I believe it is on Rachael Gore and Al Carson's hit list. I believe All Organo phosphates are also on that list also.

    BTW Bayer has really priced Merit out of sight.
  8. tremor

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    Dursban had a sweet label too.

    Yeah. 10 days is a stretch at pH 9.5. Good Lord that's some nasty conditions. Residual activity must be a matter of hours at best.

    Merit >>> Distributor Cost has increased 5% every year since it's introductioin. You don't feel it as much as we do because of rebates. Distributors are so stupid they give some of the rebate back to the applicators who buy from them.

    Why do I stay in this business anyway? It used to be for the love of keeping plants performing. Now I wonder sometimes. LOL
  9. Ric

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    Yes Dursban was a great insecticide but much over used. Toward the end we were finding a lot of resistance to it with chinch bugs. It is still being made for Golf Courses and termite work.

    Diazinon is the one I will miss. One time labeled for nematodes at very high rates and an excellent grub getter on sandy soil also. Although not gone until 12/31/04 it is impossible to find.

    Lindane is the one chemical I would kill for if it didn't kill me first.:D To my knowledge there is nothing to take its place when it comes to bores.

    BTW I have a year until medicare kicks in and I often wonder the same thing about Why am I in this business.

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