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    In 1993 my father retired from a factory job he had for 30 years. He was 48 at the time. The summer of that year he hired a landscaping company to relandscape his existing beds. When the owner of the company showed up at my fathers house, he was amazed at how green and well kept his yard was. After speaking with him he offered him a sub-contracting job mowing lawns for them. Small lawns they did not want to mow. After watching my father for a year loving it. I decided to work with him part-time. He taught me the correct professional way to cut a lawn. In Feb of 1997 my daughter was born. I was working in a factory like my fahter at the time and part- time with him. After a long night of child birth went for breakfast. I asked my father was there enough room for two people in the business full time. He said yes. I figured i work with him full time in summer and get a part time job in winter. I wanted more for my daughter. After one year things werent bad. Winter was bad though. Second year into the contractor we sub for slashed our accounts there was not enough for 2 now. So i decided to get some of my own accounts . This went on for a year. The 3 year my father decied he wanted out and my contractor found out i was working my own accounts and said bye . All on my own now with only about 25 accounts. Making about 30,000 in 9 months . To make the story shorter 9 years later my fathers back with me the last 2 years, And we have grown it into not only lawn mowing but fertilizing, and landscaping divison. Ive came along way from my first 52" toro walk-behind. We have 115 mowing accounts mostly commercial, we also have the largest park dist contract giving out for mowing parks. The landscaping is doing well for only 1 year of that. We have 8 fulltime employess and 2 part-time. I wouldnt have done it any other way .
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    Wow! Thants sounds great. How was your transition from solo to multiple crews? What do you feel was the best way to grow as far as advertising? thanks scott.
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    I built the business at a pace i could handle.. I built the lawn care division first... Then the fert.. and last the landscaping. I dont advertise alot i did alot of cold calling picking up the phone book and calling the place of business and ask to put in a bid.. many many hours spent calling .. i adv. in phone book and run couple diffrent ads in the paper . thats about it .

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