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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by catpride22, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. catpride22

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    I have had the Power Chute now for the forth season have had no issues with anything until this year,first it quit working and it was just the cheap fuse holder that comes with the kit,second the foot pedal started messing up every time you would engage the pedal in the up possition it would blow the fuse,so i took the foot pedal apart and realised over the years the spring steel contact had lost its spring so i bent them up a little with my hand works perfect.The only two big problems was the cheap fuse holder and the cheap plug that goes in the motor ive redone that to many times,oh and the owner dont bother calling him for anything he is not very helpful at all except to sell you replacemant parts.Bottom line i could NEVER own another mower without the Power Chute on it,and you can see in the pics that i have forgot to open or close the chute before loading on trailer and hit it with the chute it never stopped working once,i also power wash the deck off once a week it never affected the Power Chute.The Power Chute is a must for people mowing properties with alot of landscaping and obstacles,i knocked 2 hours off a a 30 hour week with no longer having to back up or worry about what direction im mowing.Here's also a youtube link of my kid hitting a 4x4 post with it bent it pretty good but it still worked,by the way he's 4 years oldhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Meii28Wg3kI&list=UUGUBdzEeBKqVdlon3zDiVNQ&index=2&feature=plcp

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    I'm right behind you. I couldn't go without my PC. I opted for the toggle switch and it went bad after 2 years. I called, he gave me the part number and I called the local Napa and got the exact switch for $7-8. Outside of that. I've beat the crap out of mine and bent the cover a few times. I just bend it back and it's good.
  3. catpride22

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    I read many nagative reviews on the Power Chute but oppted to try it anyway thats why i did this post im very critical of things and so far it has been a great investment for me.
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    I got on for my new super z a few months ago and its been great, I couldn't imagine jot having one now.
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    I bought my first Power Chute in 2008, and was told it would fit on my Exmark 46" Triton deck without any problems. It didn't, but I was able to remove the deck pully cover and it works great. I bought a Grandstand and I had to buy another, I couldn't mow without it. I was a little sad to see that the communications were less than easy with the company owner. My chute arrived with the Power Chute not finished being cut out of the steel. I've hit a few things and it gets hammered straight and it keeps on going.
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    A four year old kid running a ztr machine and you took a movie and posted:dizzy::hammerhead::hammerhead:
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    everyone is entitled to there opinion but at my house instead of dvd's and video games we have lawnmowers,motorcycles and snowmobiles here's my kids new mower you like the 4x4 post screwed to a 2x4 so he can reach the pedals and my daughter learning her way around a scraper and the exmark.



  8. scagman52

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    Just an accident waiting to happen!
  9. TLS

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    Without doing a search, I don't know how old mine is on the SuperZ. The mower is a 2006 and I didn't use it very long without having it.

    So bottom line... Probably 6 years on it now.

    Couldn't be without it.

    My only gripe is that they are too universal. I had to trim out my pulley cover to get the motor to lay flat (no way it would still be working if it was clocked up).

    If he made the plate attach to the factory chute hinges and mounted the motor further forward to not interfere with the pulley cover, I feel it would be perfect.

    I also wish he'd make the plate solid. No holes for grass to slip through.
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  10. orangemower

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    Cat, you are foolish to let a child so young operate a mower.
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