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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by catpride22, Sep 1, 2012.

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    My power chute is literally indestructible!!! It's has been cut in half, bent in half countless times, constantly buried in mud and wet grass, power washed , rained on and anything you could imagine. It's too bad some of you folk are having motor issues and think the product is less than par. I have spoken with norm the owner and he is more than helpful. For those of you that keep tearing apart motors. Go to the auto parts store or junk yard. It's just a power window motor. Norm isn't making the motors, it's not his fault. I can't believe you guys haven't figured that out yet. Norm is probably just making these things out of his garage or barn. He's not some huge multi national company. What do expect!? Geesh.... If you think you can do better then quit yer bitchin and do it!! And stop bashing someone else. I have had zero issues in 5 years and on the same motor soo you guys must be doing something wrong. Figure it out and stop crying for mommy every time something isn't absolutely perfect. You kids today are something else
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    Best guess is Norm got a batch of motors where the supplier, likely Chinese, cut corners on one of the components. Normally, his motors have always held up the best.
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    I also had a motor failure after about 60 hours of use, the failure was in the transmission, not the motor itself. After reading these posts about this type of failure it seems as though Norm had a batch of bad motors, all with the same breaking point.

    To his credit, Norm stood behind his product and I had a replacement motor at my door within 3 days.

    I am a solo operator and I KNOW that there was no abuse involved to cause the failure. Also had a failed weld on one hinge bracket on the flap. Weld looked good but did not bond to the flap, half an hour with a grinder and welder, no problem since.

    All in all, a couple of disappointments, but I still would not want to mow without one.
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    These ocdc's are like most everything else, you have some people that love them, and some that are disappointed in them. Some folks swear by one, while others swear by another.

    I decided to buy an OCDC a couple of years back and started doing my homework on all of the different variations. I decided early on that I wanted one that was foot controlled, so that pretty much narrowed my options down to the "Power Chute" and the "Grass Flap".

    When comparing the two, I really liked the idea of being able to mount a button on one of the sticks so I looked closely at the "PC". But, I also knew that the weak point was going to be the motor.

    After weighing the pro's and con's it was really pretty much of a toss-up, but I finally decided on the "Grass Flap" (because of the difference in initial cost and because I felt I would have less trouble without an electric motor being involved in the equation).

    After receiving the GF in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised because it's actually heavier built than I had expected it to be. After installing it (and tweaking the adjustments for a short time) I've used it a full season now and I'm very happy with it. As some say, I couldn't imagine not having it now that I'm accustomed to having it.

    Note:One negative I found. Because of some fairly vague instructions it took me much longer than the quoted installation time. I spent somewhere around 3 hrs on the installation but, in all fairness, I did really take extra time to make the installation look factory by positioning the pedal, and routing the cable carefully.
    Just my .02, Stan
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    For anyone not familiar with these two OCDC's I should have stated early on that the main (overall) difference between the "Power Chute" and the "Grass Flap" is that the PC is opened and closed by an electric motor, while the GF is manually operated by a foot pedal/cable.
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    Also that should be indicated is that you can control the power chute to any position and the GF has only open or closed which is very limiting in the field as anyone who has used one knows about multi positions.
  7. ashgrove landscaping

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    Don't get me wrong. The grass flap is genius! And I would be happy to have one but the infinite position is a factor for my needs.
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    Not sure why you feel compelled to respond in this manner.

    It doesn't matter whether he's making the motors, or not. The fact is he's using this particular motor on his product. His product is an assembly. If your truck/mower/handheld was having motor issues, whether the OEM made the motor or not, you wouldn't be happy with that brand and model of product.

    It doesn't matter. If you make something and are going to charge people for it, make it good/make it right. That's not too much to expect. From your viewpoint, it would seem OK to go in and charge a client for a quality-level job and, then, do crappy work and expect full payment.

    No one's bashing. They're all stating their experiences and thoughts with the product.

    I agree, on both accounts.
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    Hey AL, you're exactly right. I wrote the post in a hurry and (since it might be considered by some as "off topic") I wanted to keep it short.

    But in doing that I failed to mention the fact that the PC can be used open, closed, or anywhere in between. This isn't the case with the GF, it has only 2 positions, open or closed (and I'm sure that this is a "game changing" difference to some operators).

    Also (in my original post) since the "button on a stick" was what I considered to be the best method of controlling the PC for me, I failed to mention the foot pedal method of operating the PC.

    Thanks for helping me clear that up! Stan
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    I complained about the Power Chute motor failures in the 2013 season and earlier did not get anywhere with Norm on why this was the case. Here is his email to me recently and he sent me one new motor to try.

    "We are switching motors for this next year to a different manufacturer due to a supply issue. We tested a few new designs and may have found a stronger motor. It seems to do much better in our test rack than our previous designs.
    I'm going to send you out one today. Try it and see if it does better for you."

    So, I suppose I will give these another go because I love them when they work. They will be on four of our mowers, so I'll get three more new motors and let you know in a few months if they hold up or not. And again, we do know how to use these so they last.
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