long term Power Chute review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by catpride22, Sep 1, 2012.

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    Sorry but your statement is totally wrong, if a OEM chooses a piece of junk for for their product and they sale said junk with their product, then the OEM is 100% responsible and to blame for that junk.

    Anyway I am going to get one myself and thanks for the numbers:
    O'Reilly carries the motors. Item number 42-127
  2. caseysmowing

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    Most of these motors have a lifetime warranty once you replAce the junk one from norm. So it's only a one time expense and some time to replace.
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    Here's the problem with the motors: they are not manufactured for commercial lawn use. They are made for rolling windows up and down. As such, osha requires they be made with a plastic gear so that it will shear rather than damage someone's body part. Norm's problem is no one makes them with a metal gear.

    Personally, Norm's motors have held up much better than NAPA, etc. although I have not purchased any this year. It is also quite possible his supplier put a cheaper gear in them without his knowledge.

    Norm used to offer a lifetime guarantee until his supplier found out what they were being used for.
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    So, Aspencade, if I understand correctly. You say Norm has a bad attitude because he doesn't make a Power Chute for your mower? But, they do make Power Chutes for Bobcat mowers as they are identical to Exmark models and listed there. I don't understand why he would 'talk down to you' by talking to you about Power Chutes products.
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    We have one solid week on our motor fix,if it makes it threw this week i would say that the fix is 100%,ive broke three motors in 4 weeks,i will post results next week.Also the fix is something Norm could do to every motor before it shipped.But i realy dont think he's interested in the durability of the motors.
  6. catpride22

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    The plastic gear is not whats failing in the new motor,my buddy also just bought a new power chute,it also failed in 50hrs,with the same failure im having.
  7. sjessen

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    Will be interested to read more about your solution.
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  8. StanWilhite

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    Man, I almost bought a Power Chute before deciding to go with a Grass Flap because of the price, and the fact that it doesn't use a motor.

    Good luck guys, Stan
  9. southerntide

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    Let us know how it works out I want something that can be controlled to at least a 50% position, grass flap slaps up metal to metal contact and down on the chute pretty hard will eventually cause metal to wear on stopper, the cover flap, and deck.

    Just from seeing the videos and metal fab experience it will lead to thinning your chute metal at some point with the contact it makes you can clearly hear how loud it is in the videos.

    Not bashing the product just some things to keep in mind for long term use
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    Theres your problem - gm power windows have been nothing but trouble for us

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