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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ric, Dec 21, 2002.

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    Yes tonight is the longest night of the year. Winter solstice marks the total end to the growing season or the start of a new.

    Key West Fla. Had 10:37 hours of day light today
    Southern most point of main land USA

    Bangor Maine had 8:47 hours of daylight
    Almost the north most point of main land USA.

    Today we don't pay as much attention to solar changes as our fore fathers did. However in southern year round growing seasons winter solstice is still important in planting and maintaining our plants. Mans relation with plants is from the beginning of our time. The effects of sunlight hours per day could fill the Internet. Every thing from religion to empires has been affected by sunlight.
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    Interesting...thanks for the insight Ric.

    happy Holiday's!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yup, the human race has a mind set on beliefs.

    And beliefs fuel their mind.

    So I guess than means now that soon the loooongest day will be next.
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    Hey, plants can tell the date without a calendar, LOL.

    Flowering in some plants is triggered by hormone balance. The plant makes one hormone when it is light out, and a different hormone when it is dark. And other activity in the plant tells it whether it is spring or fall. When these hormones reach a critical proportion, the plant flowers. Really important to the plant, because the flower is the start of the seed process, and the seed needs proper timing to grow right.

    To this simple human, sunlight means maybe some of the snow will melt today, so I can finish my cleanups.

    Also today is LawnSite's third birthday. Happy birthday, Chuck.

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