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Looing for a new Dump body box

McVey Landscaping

LawnSite Member
Monmouth Il.
Just bought a 88 GMC 4x4 1 ton dump truck. Truck is in great shape has a big block with auto trans. Yeah kinda a gas hog, but I'm a small business. The box needs new cross supports, rusted pretty bad. Would like to get a rock style with side drop gates, tail gate, and cab protection. I haul mainly grass clippings, but do a small landscape jobs that require dirt hauled in for sod. also going to plow snow with it. Would like a few companys that make boxes if anyone knows any. Have done some searches on web/ebay. I'm a pretty good welder from working on the rails so know problem welding the hoist and pivot on. Thanks for any input J.L. McVey Lawn Care Monmouth Il.