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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Turfdude, Aug 18, 2002.

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    Just wanted to run this by a few of you. I've had my license for approx 10 yrs. now. Years ago, when I started out, I used Team for my pre-M. It worked good, but as you all know, it wasn't season long. Then I tried 2 apps of TEAM one early (March-mid April), and one in June (the June app I had a supplier who had fert + 1/2 rate pre-M + Dursban - not anymore). For the past 5-6 years, we've been going w/ Dimension. This product does have a very good lasting control, but w/ the recent couple of year's droughts, we've been noticing crabgrass outbreaks in early-mid August esp. in non-dense turf areas and along curblines and sidewalk edges (of course).

    I was thinking of trying Lesco pendimeth. for my first app. next year and following up in May w/ Dimension. Is anyone doing this? I realize it may cost me a few extra bucks, but healthier turf = less spraying, happier clientele and more referrals/work.

    I don't think I would go any later than May, as Dimension could push back the window for re-seeding in the fall.

    You're thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  2. Switch them Dim then Pen if you need the second app.

    I wonder if you could even use team at this time also.

    BTW you know they are anti-germination barriers right? There is no such thing as 100% control.

    This is the biggest reason for the sightings and growth near edges and thin turf. Why? The ground shrinks due to lack of moisture and opens a crack up to expose seeds and/or lets them in. Also in thin areas your mowers can break the barrier.
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    I know one thing in regards to next year's pre-emergents, I'm using all Dimension, the Pendamethalin is a staining PITA.
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    Is preventing crabgrass germination in a drought a lost cause? I was thinking an early PENDulum followed by a later Dimension app would do the trick - wrong! Alot of companies try all kinds of different combinations with the same results. Even lawns with irrigation systems have crabgrass along the edges here in Pittsburgh. Drive 75 is flying off of the shelves at Lesco. La Nina is making life very difficult for us!

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    I still use the good old Team barrier in the spring and have the same problems with cg on the walk lines and curblines in mid august. If I have a complainer then I go with Drive 75. When applied at the correct rate and mixed with a sticker it is almost guaranteed to work. I paid about 100 bucks to cover an acre but can charge a permium to spot spray outbreaks so in the grand scheme it is definately worth it.
    The post emergent method works well for me as I really don't like blanket spraying anything. Less is better.
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    I used a single application of Dimension .17% on low N, miniprill fert this spring. I wanted increased particle density. I wanted maximum does in a single application.

    My applicator and I feel we are in pretty good shape from what we've been seeing lately. Better than previous years.

    Also changed application technique. If here is a sidewalk with avg 4' of turf strip, I ran 2 passes down the walk throwing both sides and reaching to the curb no problem. I'm calibrated for 100% overlapping coverage so all areas must be hit twice to get their dose. At bed edges I run 1 wheeel tight to the bed, then move out enough to throw back to the bed edge on the next pass. My fert always reaches to the middle of the previous passes wheel tracks in open areas. If there is no side walk, I drop the deflector and run one wheel on or just inside the curb and make sure the next pass hits the curb again.

    Also treated a number of accounts late with pre-emergent since I purchased them late. Overall the look pretty good too as the Dimension at the high rate will kick little crabgrass.
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    The reason I wanted to do pendimeth first is that it has a broader pre-M spectrum. Also, If in first tiller stage (not that it should be in May), the Dimension is also a post emergent.

    Harold & GreenSweep, thanks for the honest replies. We usually just wind up treating w/ MSMA and have pretty good results. May try the Drive 75. Our properties are looking good for the most part compared to most. It bothers us more than our clientele. We had only one person call and complain. They started w/us last year, but never aerated and reseeded last fall, and their sparse lawn did get more crabgrass than most.

    Thanks again. If anyone has a good solution other than to get cooperation from mother nature, please sound-off.


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