Look at This: Big Tex Vanguard trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by coalburner, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. Lbilawncare

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    Looks like you're all ready to go. You've got more equipment ( & much better ) than a lot of guys who have been doing this for a while. Best of luck to you!
  2. gogetter

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    What do you mean by "hobby"??.:confused:
  3. gogetter

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    Yeah, I bet we could all afford nice, new equipment like that if we cut as a "hobby". If ya know what I mean.:rolleyes:
  4. coalburner

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    According to Webster's dictionary a hobby is defined as an interest engaged in for relaxation.

    Lawn care (at the present time) is what I do for relaxation and fun. I find it to be a challenge to create a yard that is out of the ordinary and noticed by all who appreciate a beautiful, well maintained, sculptured lawn. I work full time as a control room operator at power plant. Lawn care (now) is not my source of income or my job it is my hobby (it is what I enjoy doing). In the future I hope to take what I enjoy doing (lawn care) and make it my source of income (my job). I enjoy keeping the grass green and striping a lawn. I think that lawn care is a fine art that not everyone is able to appreciate and enjoy.
  5. coalburner

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    I picked up the GHS Walker used from a Dixon Dealer for $3200. I still have'nt figured that one out yet:D
  6. I like that.:)

    The local trailer dealer carries Big Tex as a premium brand trailer. They're nice equipment.

    It was years ago that my avocation (lawncare) became my vocation. It wasn't a hobby for me because I made money at it. But it wasn't my vocation either, as I worked at the telephone company.
    If you're mowing strictly as a hobby, you have some fortunate relatives. And I'd bet they're always glad to see you. :angel:

  7. Rich's Lawn Care

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    That is a sweet trailer!!! What do you pull that with?
  8. dmk395

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    What did the trailer cost?
  9. edrenckh

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    I have the same trailer, but no diamond plate in front. I also added a side gate and brakes on two axles (it's the law here).

    ~3K here in MN at Absolute Trailer Sales.

    I wouldn't try and run a bobcat up on it. The weight is different when loaded, I think a stronger trailer would be better. Ramp will crush, trailer may work for a once in a while thing, but not regular.
  10. coalburner

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    Right now I pull my trailer with a 96 Tahoe but my future plans include a F350 PSD.

    I paid about $2400 for the trailer and added the chrome wheels, diamond plate rock guard (local metal shop cut it for me about $50 for it), and the homemade gate lift (about $75 to make it). So I have almost $3000 invested in my trailer.

    In reference to the PM the materials used in the gate lift included: 2- 160lb garage door springs from home depot,
    6- 3/8 X 21/2 shoulder allen bolts, 1 stick of 3/4 inch machinist grade bronze/bar stock (cut into 2 inch pieces with 3/8 hole board in the center of it), and galvanized chokers (custom made to length). I experimented with the spring weight and cable length until it lifted with ease.

    PS. Lawn care is my hobby but I never said that I do it for free. :D


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