Look here, and see how big you can grow.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by afftandem, Jan 8, 2005.

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    I recently seperated from the airforce after ten years to go to school. Im now am attending college as a business major, living off the g.i. bill and delivering pizza on the weekends. During the past 2 summers i have been mowing lawns with a 21" craftsman, a "weedeater" blower, and a sthil fs 45. Im a full time student taking well over the "full time" credit hours each quarter, so a regular full time job is out of the question during the school season, plus no other job would pay me $25/hr like pushing a 21" around while Im off during the summer.

    Anyways, last quarter in my business ownership class, we had to write an article abstract for each of the chapters we covered. Simple enough, I ran to Wal-Mart, grabbed a couple business magazines out of the mag section and wrote on the articles I found i there.

    One of the great stories I found was that of 'Marty Grunder'. He's from right here in Dayton, oh. During college, the same as I, he was a business major at Dayton U. (and he claims not to have been that good of a student). Just to make ends meet he was mowing lawns. His first big investment was a Bobcat, for about $20,000. From there on out, he's been nothing but a success story. He's had no formal training in landscaping. Everything about his business was learned through trial and error (like the rest of us). His company last year did over $3.2 million in grosse sales, with expectations of over $6 mil in gross sales in a few short years. Thats just his landscaping company, he also runs a consultant company now. Havent a clue to what they pay him for a speaking arrangement. Just to get an estimate on a job they charge $100 or so. He claims that for him and his trained staff, that they are paying for experience for an estimate.

    Here is his website: www.grunderlandscaping.com
    check out their work...

    not bad for someone who started with a 21" push.

    Think Big!

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    For a landscape co., 3 mill is just ok. There are guys on this site that do that on maintenance only so yes you can grow.

    Just remember---before you think big, THINK PROFIT!
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    Like PM said that's just okay for a big Landscape company. Heck I know guys right here in little NC that only cut grass and have 40+ employees and gross $1M-2M every year.
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    I have a feeling that Grunder's profits are a lot higher than most companies. I know people that are doing 1.5 million in sales and only make 50,000/yr for themselves, and I know people that do 500,000 in sales that make 60,000/yr.
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    What a waste of stress and time! Might as well just gross 150,000 a year and take home your same $60-70,000 a year and sleep easier at night

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