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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Stringblade, May 3, 2007.

  1. Stringblade

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    I just want to warn anyone cutting grass or towing a trailer In Pittsburgh or surrounding areas. The police are pulling over every truck and issuing Fines no warning just big fines. 350 for each violation, due to the one drunk tree guy last year who killed a family with his chipper. The police are issuing fines for not having tarps over your grass during transportation also all items must be tied down no exceptions riding mowers, blowers, gas cans and all must be strapped to frame.

    I got lucky a man had stopped me who just got a hefty fine for not having his walker strapped down. I took the warning seriously and ran to home depot got some straps and tarps the very next lawn the police were driving by looking at my trailer to issue a fine but could not.

    I called the monroeville police station today and spoke to an officer about this issue he said that the next 2 weeks everyone will be getting nailed No questions asked in-fact they brought in extra pigs to do the dirty work.

    Consider this a warning not to be taken lightly
  2. 1MajorTom

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    I think you're right. I just went in to tell Matt about this. He says, "you know, that's funny cause just today, a cop pulled out from nowhere and started tailing me real close. I pulled on the highway, moved over into the left hand lane to see what this cop was going to do. He stayed in the right hand lane riding parallel to the trailer where he could see i was hitched up properly and everything was strapped down. then he pulled off the highway to loop back onto the highway and be on his way."
  3. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    The same thing is going on in M.D. i SAW 5 lanwcare and some other trucks with trailers all pulled over thee other day D.O.T police are on a rampage,what gives.
  4. crash935

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    This is going on everywhere for ALL commercial vehicles. The weather is finally nice after a long winter and they have to catch up on their inspections. There is a 72 hour blitz coming up where every DOT bear will be out and they will be stopping everything they can.
  5. Stringblade

    Stringblade LawnSite Member
    from pgh pa
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    when I called the police station today they told me your grass clipings must be covered between every lawn that is killing me the tarp keeps fliing off and securing it properly takes forever.... :cry:
  6. pclawncare

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    I got a ticket last year for unsecured load for grass blowing out from under a tarp 150 ticket i had it covered but i guess i spilled some grass on top of the tarp and it blew off as i pulled away and the cop happened to b there i guess. Ticked me off because a mexican drove right past us with tree limbs that could actualy cause a wreck flying off and obviously not tied down. I asked the cop what about that guy and he replied your the one that go caught i was pretty mad abou that
  7. Stringblade

    Stringblade LawnSite Member
    from pgh pa
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  8. Audrey

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    Yep. They're arrogant bastards. As long as they can show they're "working" and "worth" their money. What a racket.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  9. charmill26

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    cant really blame em they're just doin what they're suppose to. they might be too picky on the grass clipping and whatnot but you cant really blame them
  10. JBird

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    comments like;

    ("in-fact they brought in extra pigs to do the dirty work.")
    ("They're arrogant bastards. As long as they can show they're "working" and "worth" their money")

    Really nice! How would you like it if they said, Look at that low life lawn boy, dirt bag scum sucker, I guess he's to stupid to get a real job. Now, wonder why you'll get a ticket. It'll be your lack of respect, #1 for the laws that exist and #2 for the person that is bound by duty, pride and professionailism to enforce them. Humm, pride and professionalism, sounds like we all have a little in common huh? Next time start your brain before putting your mouth in
    gear! Hey they should make an operator safety switch for that too!

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