Looked at a Ferris 3100Z up close today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greenred, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. greenred

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    Was at a local farm and home store today that happens to be the local dealer for Ferris. I got a up close look at the 3100Z and was really impressed with what I saw. If I was in the market today I would defiantly demo one. But I have to admit between Scagg, Exmark, and Ferris it would be a tough call.

    I also got a close look at the Ferris Hydrocut 36 inch WB. It had the most interesting controls I have seen. It was molded plastic "blocks" next to the hand grips that your thumbs sat in. You could move the blocks up, down, and back with your thumbs. Does anyone on here have any experience with this system and is it comfortable and practical to use?
  2. Neil M

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    I have a Ferris 36" that I got last season. I like it. Kinda wish that it was dual hydro but it's still nice. The thumbs do get a little sore after a while but you dont have to use both thumbs at the same time so you can alternate thumbs when they get tired.
  3. js.lawn

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    I have 2 36s love them wish they were dual hydro but i got 2 of these for the price of a dual cut great and for the thumb thing you have to have one or the othere pushed down to keep it running i put tape on mine then its just back and forth i take the tape off when doing hills though
  4. jkilov

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    The 3100 is a decent machine. Does have some weaknesses though.

    The ride quality is impressive. The cut quality is less impressive. Those stock blades were crappy. Too soft and not enough lift, I mounted cheaper aftermarket blades and the cut is better now and they stay sharp longer. The suspension can also cause scalps if you stop suddenly. And prepare for expensive parts, $35 just for a clutch belt, over fifty for the deck belt.

    As for the hydrocut I too miss dual hydros and the controls heat up your thumbs. For the price I paid it's good enough. But one can see why Ferris does'nt have as much followers as say Scag or Exmak.

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