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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by BSDeality, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. BSDeality

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    I went and looked at a paver driveway estimate the other day. they current driveway is >25yrs old and failing, they want to replace the parking/turning area of the driveway with pavers and make it wider to improve manuevering. There is a 295' access driveway up to the area that is to be pavers which will be contracted out to another company (repaved) so I will meet the access with an apron.

    There is actually quite a bit of work to be done before any install work can be started. The access will be repaved too. They want to move a 45' section fieldstone wall over about 2' to lessen the curve in the driveway and then further up there is a 80'-100' section of boulders that have to be moved back to make the driveway wider.

    At the main area of the driveway they want to eliminate another stone wall all together, 65' of boulders, stones need to be removed. the wall is about 4' thick and 4' high on average. (section outlined in red in the third picture) Anyone want to buy some boulders? :hammerhead:

    After the wall is removed there will be some grading done to change the small hill to allow access to the lawn (currently the guy has to trespass to get onto one section of his property to mow it). The other reason for removing the wall is to widen the driveway by 5' to allow greater manuevering area.

    What are some things I should think about for this install? The electric/phone is currently run underground and definitely comes right through the driveway at some point, so I will CBYD and have it marked. Do you guys have the power turned off for a day while you do the base prep? I will have to strip blacktop, remove existing base and then replace the base.

    I'm thinking 12" of base on top of geogrid, which I will set with a lazer and a Komatsu 6way dozer. Total area is around 1500sqft+. I was planning on renting a roller to compact the base in 4" lifts (too much at once?) and using my plate compacter for small areas and the 26' walkway that will be done also. I've done a ~1000sq ft patio at my house around the pool, but its a little different than a driveway install and I'm just looking for some words of advice.

    Thanks, Matt

    driveway 001.JPG

    driveway 003.JPG

    driveway 004.JPG
  2. Dirty Water

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    Your going to want a skidsteer to excavate that, not a dozer, in my opinion. There is going to be a lot of debris to load and remove.

    As far as crossing power, if its to code, you won't hit it. Just hand dig across the locates (and 2' on either side) down to your depth in one place. If you find it, then your going to have a lot of hand digging, if you don't, then 95% chance you will be fine using the machine across the locate marks everywhere else. I've done this with hundreds (Perhaps over a thousand?) locates without ever hitting one. What you may find, in my experience, is a cable tv line thats super shallow. It may be cheaper to throw a sleeve in the base and have the cable guys reroute the line through it, instead of trying to save it if its just barely under the blacktop.

    I'm not following why you want to use geogrid beneath the base. Geogrid is not a soil seperation fabric, its simply to improve the holding strength on slopes, or to tie into walls. Since your not really on a slope, I don't see the purpose.
  3. BSDeality

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    Sorry, I meant Geotextile, not geogrid. You would still want to use geotextile as a soil seperator, no?

    We are planning on putting a sleeve in for the dog fence which is currently unused but they want to have it put in anyway.

    I was planning on using a big skid for removing and then replacing base, but the dozer for grade work. I suppose I could do w/o the dozer though.
  4. Mike33

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    I dont do pavers but know the work involved, what is this going to price out at? I think a skid steer might do a better job also. Good luck to you.
  5. YardPro

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    ditto on the dozer being overkill...
    will take less time with a skid or mini ex.

    a ride on roller or a big walk behind can compact 6" lifts.

    geogrid is always good. it's like cheap insurance... and for $.07/sqft...
  6. cedarcroft

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    I am on LI NY. I need boulders for a job I am doing. what size are the boulders and how much would you want for them?
    PM me. I will gladly come there with my dumptruck and take them off your hands.
  7. DVS Hardscaper

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    "What are some things I should think about for this install? "

    To answer ur question -

    #1 - do you have the qualifications / experience to do the task?

    #2 - And why do you fee this way?

    No dozer is needed, guys.
  8. Mike33

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    I know you are a paver guy and of course im not. But correct me if im wrong isnt doing a paver sidewalk then jumping to a paver driveway really going big league?
  9. BSDeality

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    I'll let you know how the proposal goes, if they bite you can have them cheap. They're anywhere from 3"x3"x3" upto 12"x12"x12". some possibly larger. I'll need them outta there anyways.

    1 +2.) yes, I put in my ~1K sqft unilock patio around my pool a couple years ago. It was my first paver experience, I learned a lot from that install. Doing a driveway is similar I'd imagine ("similar" being the reason I was asking for some pointers or if I'd forgotten anything). I've been waiting, hoping for another paver job and this felll into my lap.
  10. jdsnowremoval

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    Just remember with the driveway...unlike the patio there needs to be alot more base and it needs to be packed extremly well, remember not just cars will be on this driveway, if they ever get anything delivered in a truck etc it puts alot of pressure on the the paved area. Just the FYI because i know a local guy who thought he went deep enough with the base and thought it was packed enough and it ended up sinking where the cars ran over. I would rent a roller, when we do our driveways everything is packed with a roller unlike our patios where we use a packer.

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