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Looked at the $1,900 wright stander today


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Well I looked at a 2007 wright stander today 36 inch cut was asking $2500 for it said they would take $1,900 its at a local pawn shop mower has 500 hrs on it with 500 hours. So I get there and the mower was in good shape from just looking at it. Then I start to get look around the motor and noticed oil coming from one of the head areas (head gasket maybe) then I notice under the mower a rather large oil puddle. I tried to smell the oil and didn't smell like motor oil could it have been hydro oil? I also noticed the motor ran rough as well, I did drive it around the lot a bit never above 2-3mph it seemed to go good and every was tight. I told them I would buy it right now if it was not leaking the oil. Oh yeah it looked like the muffler hit something while mowing and had a coat hanger on it. I offered them $1,500 for it and said they couldn't do that they will just hang on to it and sell it when if warms a bit. Should I pass on this because this would be my primary mower. I might take a friend of mine with me to see if we can pin point where the oil is coming from. What do you all think I should do. I am half tempted to just get a sit down zero turn maybe a 34 or 48 I really need to be able to do yards with gates I don't have accounts yet what do you sugjest.


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if this will be your primary mower then you may want to cinsider looking for one that isnt leaking oil/fluids. theres no telling what other issues this unit may have as well ya know. price isnt bad though, if your capable to fixing whatever is wrong with it then it could easily be a good deal.

i might shop around a little more ive been watching craigslist and ebay alot lately people are giving mowers away right now.


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Unless you can fix it ....move on. It likely has oil leak on the top end if it is a Kawaski. These units are harder to work on because they are all crunched up.

DT Lawn Care

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Grand Rapids, MI
I can fix it myself I think it needs a head gasket
You want to pay $1900 for a machine that you don't know what's the matter with. I would treat this sale like you have to put a new engine on it, and ask yourself if you would pay $1900 for a machine without an engine. Passsssss


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if your looking for a 34" i have a 34" encore ztr with 383 hours in real good condition. no leaks whatsoever and runs perfect. if you would be willing to make a trip to michigan. let me know