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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by shane mapes, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. shane mapes

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    i need you guys help . i need a good letter to send to Realtors in my area to provide services to , any suggestions thanks
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  3. MarksTLC

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    Here is PA I contacted the local Realtor association. They are all on email and I sent an attached doc. to the association and they distributed it for me to the area Realtors.

    Most of the work I've gotten are once and done jobs. EX: The house settles tomorrow and they need the grass cut and the gutters cleaned out before settlement takes place.

    You may be better off going around to the local brokers offices and dropping off bus. cards and a brochure. That way the buyers/sellers may see them when they go into the office(s). That may result in more long term contracts as opposed to once & done.

    Good Luck...
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    What the heck happened to my reply I put on here earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????:angry:
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    I guess one of the moderators is one of those cheap azz realtors
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    I had a reply on here too. Mine was pimp as h$ll. What happened to it? Where'd you go mr reply?
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    Just introduce yourself and your company. Add that you would like to submit bids for future work. Also add the services you offer, how you can help them, and some of the companies you already provide your services to. You can also include something like how reliable and professional you are. Then ask to meet with them to further discuss things. Leave you contact info and closed the letter.

    This is just an outline. Of course you will need to dress it up, but this is the basics of what you will need.

    Hope this helps.
  8. capelawncare.com

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    I would start off like this,

    Dear Realtor,

    I know you are going to refer me all this business. So I will work out a special pricing plan just for you. Normal rate + 125%, minus your 100% discount, and another 25 % discount if you actually do send me all the referals you guys always promise.

    Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX to sign up immediately.

    Thank You

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