Looking at a Dirrectional boring unit

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mdirrigation, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Mdirrigation

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    thinking of buying a vereer d 7x11 boring machine .Its a small unit comes with a trailer , locator and 300 ft of rods . I have had times where the missile wont quite reach . Does anybody out there have their own drill ? I can pick up this rig for about 20 grand .
  2. DanaMac

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    I have my own drill. It's a Ryobi 18 volt. Comes with it's own carrying case. Picked it up for under $100. :laugh:

    Geez, $20, 000. How often would you use it? Would it be easier to sub that out once in a while and use the $20k somewhere else? On the other hand, you could have someone dedicated to it and be THE sub for other companies as well.
  3. Vermeer

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    20k is a pretty good deal for the complete set up. Do you get alot of longer shots under driveways or other obstacles?
  4. Flow Control

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    I looked into them too, I had paid out 30k in directional sub work this past year. The units I seen were around the same price. Heard it is a gimme to keep those machines busy year round through the utility companies. Biggest red flag I have seen is the "what if" scenario with hitting major gas/electric lines. We had to locate a 18" Gas line this summer. Took 3 days and 2 different companies before we found it. Lucky for us we found it since it was not where the markings were and he would have hit it and would have been forced to evacuate an major hospital and a couple thousand peeps from their homes.:dizzy:
  5. Mdirrigation

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    Dont want to do utility work with it , mainly my work and pick up a few jobs from other irrigation contractors. Only on private property. With a hell of a damage waiver . Realy dont know how much I would use it . I have a full size backhoe i used it 3 times this year , but 4 years ago i made a killing with it plowing . 20 grand is not that bad , my burkeen cost me a bit more than that new 24 years ago . Still running stromg and making me money.
  6. Flow Control

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    Well it sounds like your mind was made up a long time ago. Around here they charge $6-18 per ft depending on size and material used. Our largest pipe used this summer was 6" PE sch 40 and that was $12-15ft.

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