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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Lawnkeeper, Jun 29, 2004.

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    Went to my dealer and drooled over the mini 44. I have mostly gated properties and the 44 is small enough to get in everyones backyard. I currently have a 36 belt walk behind and I am looking to replace it with something more productive. I need one maching that can do all of my properties so I can not get anything that is 48 or above. A few questions before I buy.

    By the way, the 44 had a 19hp Kawasaki

    Can I run doubles on this unit?

    Is their a different seat available, my short test run was bouncy?

    would a gobbler or accelerator work on this unit, or do I need the factory unit?, I am a solo operator so the big unit seems to much for me to bag or get in the back of my truck at one time.

    what other options are available for the mini 44?

    Thanks for taking the timem I can't wait to demo the unit and actualy cut some grass with it.

  2. mowerconsultant

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    Doubles are up to you, we have not tested them on our product, but there are a lot of people using them on our product.
    The seat that is std on the Mini is a non suspension seat, your dealer can order a suspension seat at a extra cost, you could also upgrade to the Super Mini Z that will come std with a suspension seat, it will also have larger pumps, a 23hp engine, a hydro cooler, and of course a faster ground speed.
    To my knowledge just about all the aftermarket companies now make a catcher for our units your choice of any of them should work fine.
    Options include, mulch kit, hitch kit, light kit, custom lettered rear bumper, rear catcher (Bac_Vac) and many other aftermarket items.
    Hope this helps

  3. FuzzyOne

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    I have the exact Mini you're looking at. BTW, I'm also in NJ. I replaced a 48" Scag and also do only residential properties from 50x100 up to 1 acre lots. The Mini will fit your needs perfectly. But keep a 36" on hand for the really small gates. :(

    Here are a few comments about my 2003 Mini which currently has 76 hours. Pretty much the only bag you can get around here isd is the Accelerator. I have the 4.3 and they do not recommend going larger do to the deck. The bagger is a piece of art. But then again, I've only used it a few times during leaf season last year. Plan on spending big bucks for it. I think it was $350.

    The 19hp is all the power you will need........if you don't run doubles. I had doubles on for abot 5 hours and removed them. I just felt the clutch was too strained during starting and stopping. Clutches aren't cheap, been there, done that! I had to increase engine RPM's to get the blades engaged to keep the engine from stalling. But on the other hand, the cut was unbelievable. The clippings were very small and flew out the deck about 20'. I have honestly cut foot high grass with single blades and the 19hp didn't even hint at bogging

    As for the seat, I like the stock one. But Hustler offers the add-on springs for $50 I think it is. I've heard really good comments about them as far as comfort is concerned.

    I was actaually trying to sell mine a few weeks ago and still may do so. I'm probably going to downsize. If you're intersted, shoot me an email or PM. Hustler is transferring the remainder of the warranty to the new owner if I sell it (thanks again PJ).

    Either way, it's going to be the best built small frame Z you will find. I know, I looked at all of them.

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