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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by PHS79, Aug 17, 2006.

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    I have about 3/4 of an acre of grass to mow and I am looking at maybe getting a Mini FasTrax. Are these a good little mower? Or just a cheap piece of_____? I am interested in getting one the 42" deck, but which motor? I am kinda thinking about the 16hp Honda, but is there a big differance between it and the 17hp Kohler?

    Last night was quoted a price of $4199 for the Mini FasTrax 42" with the Honda, is this a good price? Also is there anything else I should know about these mowers??

    Sorry about all the questions, I just would like to be informed before I spend the money. Thankyou Paul
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    Good price on a great mower.
    You are looking at the top of the line in residential mowers, we here at Hustler build these units to commercial standards with the homeowner in mind, the Mini FasTrak is a top seller in the country because it is among the strongest mowers you can buy.
    The 16 Honda is a v-twin and the 17 Kohler is a single cylinder, if your budget keeps your $'s down, go with the Kohler it is a good engine, if you have the extra $'s then go with the Honda, it is a bit quieter and smoother.
    3 year warranty along with a lifetime warranty on the front of the deck and the frame put this machine at the top of the list in the warranty department.
    For 3/4 of acre you will be done fast.
    Do some more reading here on LS and you will find tons of info.

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    do a search of my name. i have several post on this machine. i own the mft 17/42. the honda may be a little smoother, but the kohler has more hp and torque. honestly, when the rpm's are up the 17 is a smooth motor, and i kind of like that lumpy idle. either way you will love a mini fasttrak. like pj said, it is built to commercial standards, except the wheel motors. the combined units, pump and motor, should last you many years with the hours a homeowner is likely to use the mower each season. look at the warranty offered by Hustler, and the customer service as shown on this site. there is no comparison with the other manufacturers. Hustler simply builds the best and stands behind what they make.

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