Looking at a Toro timecutter 42 inch due to an injury

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Iceman318, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Iceman318

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    Hi guys, I'm looking for some input. Due to an injury I received Xmas morning of all days, I'm out of commission for this mowing season under our current equipment line up. We're running a gravely pro walk 36inch mower right now and 2 troybilt 21inch push mowers, but due to my leg issue, we're going to have to upgrade to a ride on for this season so I can continue working. Were limited to a 42 inch cut for our current customers (even that is a bit on the big side). We're also limited to brand choice due to the fact that all we have within 1000kms is a toro dealer. It's not the ideal choice for light commercial duty I know but the only option I can see is the Time Cutter 42 inch zero turn. Anybody have any imput on this machine or some alternative options? We're not really interested in a convention lawn tractor type of set up unless somebody can change my mind.
  2. kandalawncaremgr

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    I use a timecutter 4260. It works great. I use it both for commercial and residential. Just keep up on maintenance and blade exchange. I have absolutely no problems with it. I use it for 25 cuts a week out of 35. It was my first year. This year I have almost double. I just use it and respect it and try not to do crazy stuff with it. I just took on a 2 1/2 acre wide open church so I'm curious to see how it does. I got it at a great deal with 0% financing too.
  3. Iceman318

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    Awesome! I'm glad it's working out for you so well, makes me feel alot better about the possible purchase haha
  4. kawasaki guy

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  5. retrodog

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    Hey, I recommend stepping up to the Toro Titan for the welded deck. Or if you can get a Hustler brought in, the new Raptor 42" would hold up alot better with the welded deck and the better spindles. I believe its the same price too. $2799 around here...
  6. kandalawncaremgr

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    You could also look at the toro mx4260. It has a stamped deck and all the bells and whistles.
  7. Iceman318

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    the mx4260 seems like a decent unit. the titan is out really only because of its width, maximum I can see going is 42 inch, and im going to have to measure some of the gates to see if that will even fit for certain. Are there any options I'm not thinking of? The only other dealesr here are John Deere and kubota, but I dont see any guys around here with them, and Very few people on here with them as well.
  8. Above Par Lawns

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    I'm in the same boat. My dad tells me that he will go buy me a new mower in exchange for lawn care. But he's just gonna put one on his Lowes or HD card. I keep telling him I need to stay away from residential mowers if i want it to last. I already have the toro time master 30" push mower so I'm not really wanting to have ANOTHER non commercial mower. I told him for $2500 I could find a good used walk behind but he doesn't have the cash to give, just the credit. Hopefully I can convince him to just cosign for a new Wright stander or something.

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