Looking at alternatives to SCU


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I have been on the hunt for a new fert. I have been looking hard at a few, What are you guys thoughts?
1. 20-2-10 60%STU 20%Meth w/biosolids as the filler. (@90%slow)
2. 24-2-10 20%XCU 40%biosolids
3. 30-0-10 75%XCU
4. MESA in various formulas

I'm getting tired of the SCU cycle. Looking for a more stable nitro source.
What has been your experience switching from SCU to XCU or other products like MESA? Thank you for your help.


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I was thinking about the 'One Ap" fertilizer that is good for 120 days... Then a strong winterizer app in the fall, so there's no need for a quick growth spurt from fertilizing too early in the Spring... Adding biosolids during the season should then be adequate and of course much more stable... My preference of biosolid is typically compost becuz of what it does for structure and cation exchange...


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We used XCU for 3 apps and liked it very much and the price is good. Al so used MESA the year before did a nice job but is pricey. I do like the bio solids

Smallaxe used a SIFI product last year and it worked great.

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XCU is still a sulfur coated urea. Look at uflexx and umaxx. They actually block urease. Long lasting results and emerald green color. You can get them blended into other fertilizer blends or use straight 46-0-0 or 47-0-0.