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  1. LunarLandscape

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    Hey, I was looking for some companys that would set up a web site for me, that is not out of control on pricing. I have no idea were to start or i would attempt making one myself. If anybody has used a company or knows of someone that would design a website for me, please let me know. Thanks
  2. Hamons

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    I highly suggest you look at Im Design Group -- they di my website and I think they did a great job.

    IM Design Group
  3. echeandia

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    I used www.kryzma.com. If you are looking for something simple and professional and like the style of the things on there web site I recommend you contact them. They can also design any other items you might need.
  4. NeilsWeb

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    Hello, I am a freelance web developer. I am not taking new clients at the moment because I am to busy but I do have suggestions for you.

    Websites are a lot like building a house. I say this because everything could look good to the average eye however if you look a little deeper you may find problems with how it was built.

    For example, Both web design companies suggested above look great, but if you you look a little deeper you will find problems. Both of them use Tables to make the layout. this is very depreciated method to web design and results in many disadvantages like:
    - Not Search engine friendly
    - Hard to maintain and update
    - Much bigger file size
    - Longer loading times for users
    - Use up more bandwidth

    Their are other problems, but I will leave it at that so the post does not get to long.

    As you can see, although the design of the sites by the two companies mentioned above are nice how they are built are actually is faulty.

    If anyone is thinking of hiring a web designer and want to make sure they are good post their site or previous work here and I will take a look at them for you.

    Also If anyone wants me to look over their site and see if it is in top notch shape send me a pm, or replay here and I will do a performance review of it when I have time.
  5. echeandia

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    Show me one web site that does not use tables. (Excluding yours)
  6. NeilsWeb

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    I'm not going to name site after site. I was telling you the facts and I did not mean to degrade the quality of your website. It works just fine for your needs.

    Anyway, Here is a bunch of free templates that are coded properly.
  7. NeilsWeb

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  8. davedealer

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    Try Elance.com you can post your project and have developers from around the world bid. I have been using them for about 7 years and had great results.
  9. Easy Way Lawn Care

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    Don't knock what Neilsweb is saying he is right about using tables, layouts should be done in css. Also, of the sites that were "professionally done." Both sites have numerous errors. You can check them yourself here. http://validator.w3.org/

    Former lawn guy turned web developer
  10. B & B Yardscape

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    There are GREAT sites out there by GREAT developers. But your average developer (present lawn site developers excluded) simply uses a program such as Front Page plug in your info and charge you to post and host it.

    Check out Lycos for domain name, web hosting, & page design. I write all my code (except some script) and use Lycos to host it. You should become familer with basic terms and how it works and what you like before contacting anyone to build it.

    I started years ago by doing a brochure/book of all the things my company did. Everything I could think of I wrote down and kept in a Word file. When the day came to make my site, I had a lot of the stuff already thought out. Go to other sites and book mark the ones you like. Find a layout that you like. Find wording you like. Etc.

    If you do your research and realize you don't want to do it, I would go with a local company. Someone you can sit down with instead of emailing your pictures and info.

    I would recommend buying a domain name and try it your self. Then go from there

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