looking at new equip. stihl and tanaka?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by terrapro, Mar 9, 2007.

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    im coming into alittle bit of cash and wanted to reinvest it into upgraded equipment. i have a dealer down the road with stihl and tanaka in the shop. i am interested in 2 things, the stihl 260pro chainsaw with probably an 18inch bar and the tanaka 210s hedge trimmers. anyone have any comments or input, any bragging or complaints about the two items. whats the going rate for these tools. i didnt catch the price of the trimmers but the saw was in the upper $400 range. i would be happy to spend around $700-$750.

    thanks everyone
  2. JohnDeereJohnny

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    I sell Stihl and you are making a excellent choice. The model you looking at is one of our best sellers. Everyone seems to love it with no complaints. I also sell alot of Stihl sting trimmers, but mostly to resiential customers. Just about all of the commercial guys are using John Deere 120's.

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