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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Mathew Saunders, May 8, 2014.

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    So I pressure wash driveways in the neighborhood. Currently I own a 2300psi 2gpm Troy Built Pressure washer. It does the job, it gets up the black mold and makes the driveway look great. The issue is that I have to get incredibly close with the 25 degree sprayer for the tougher spots. I can usually get a three inch line no issue, except the tougher spots.

    So I'm looking to upgrade. I'm a high school student, I need a set up that won't break the bank, but will allow me to get as many jobs as I can from driveways, to fences, to brick patios. I want only want to spend where it is needed so $1000-$1300 would be my budget. I've seen the 4200psi 4gpm simpson, the monster hose, the 4.0 turbo nozzle, and the AR Sprayglide and then a garden hose quick connect kit.

    Let me know what you're thinking.

    -Mathew Saunders

    Here are some links:

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    Sams club has some really nice Simpson pressure washers with the honda engines for in the 500ish range. They will last about 5 years longer than Troy blt. I couldn't get 12 months out of a Troy blt and do very little pressure washing. Maybe 20 jobs a year.
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    Kudos to you for having your own business at a young age. Trust me on this, better yet feel free to call me. Weekends are best:

    You want the highest GPM that you can afford. The pressure is secondary to the GPM. If I had the budget that you are speaking of, I'd buy a used, belt drive machine with the highest GPM that I could find in my price range - at least a 4, if not a 5.5 GPM. (Bigger is even better, but then you'll need buffer tanks which will run your initial expenses up.) The higher flow rate makes the jobs go much faster, and speed equals more profit (all things being equal.)

    If you can't find a used belt drive, a 'gear reduction drive' is nearly as good. Try to stay away from the 'direct drive' units which are homeowner grade.
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    I left you a voice mail, I was looking around and I'm trying to find a good belt drive. The thing is that nobody locally is selling anything close to what I need, and same with ebay or equip bids. I should be safe with a 4gpm or greater and then a 3500psi max If I can find it.


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    Sorry I missed your call Matherw - I'll ring you back when I have some breathing room. Just remember, choose GPM over PSI. This will make more sense once we talk.
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    I would suggest a 4gpm 4000 psi machine and a 16"-20" surface cleaner. Make sure you get the honda gx390 and a name brand pump, preferably belt driven. Talk to Bill at The Power Wash Store or Russ at South Side Equipment. They will get you exactly what you need for a great price. Do a youtube search on my company and a video should come up of me using on of our surface cleaners.

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