Looking at this chipper shredder for spring cleanups

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by powerpuller1966, Mar 18, 2008.

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    Hello. I have been wanting and needing a small portable chipper / shredder for the spring cleanups. The one I was looking at is this one at Harbor Freight. Item # 95435 It has been discontinued but I like the size and capabilities of this sized machine. Check it out and tell me your thoughts. Is it too light weight of a machine? I bag on average 4 55 gallon trash bags of twigs and debris from each of my accounts and I do this for a month at 6 days a week. My neighbor has a similar machine (american made) but it is missing a motor, he only wants $25 but it is fully functional minus the motor.

    Any thoughts?
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    Couldn't find the item on their website but in my experience Harbor Freight is almost always the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality so personally I would be a little hesitant to buy anything from them.

    I've been looking at this chipper http://bearcatproducts.com/main/pro...ED_LS&description=Chipper/Shredders&size=None which is probably more expensive than the HF chipper but for a small chipper/shredder it looks halfway decent. A friend gave me a small 5hp chipper/shredder to try out this year and it saves me some time but I wouldn't buy one this small after having used it a little bit even though it works well, I would go with a bigger model.

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