looking for a bit of help(B+S classic 35)

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by woop, Jul 8, 2008.

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    right the mower wasnt working the best so I took it apart as you do:)
    didnt open the crankcase but took the muffler, intake, carb etc off
    started spilling gas at carb diapraghm so replaced them
    the mower was surging so I replaced both throttle springs

    its now running great although
    it seems the engine is running very high now maybe this is just my imagination
    and it doesnt seem to react well to the throttle adjustment too, would the spring be too tight? according to B+S manual I got the correct spring

    a small bit of white wispy smoke started emerging from between the muffler and the engine not a lot though............I changed my oil by tipping it out (I know not a good Idea but cant source a 3/4 drive) would this be causing it?

    Im afraid the engine may be damaged from being over revved - it vibrates a lot more than it did also

    any help is appreciated
  2. Phil G

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    Hi, remove the air filter and check the throttle linkage is all moving free. I've seen some of these air filters jam the throttle linkage when fitted. Move the throttle butterfly by hand as sometimes when you hook the linkage into the hole on the throttle shaft it can jam solid, just give it a gentle tug to free it off. It should rebound freely.
    Don't refit then air filter but screw in the air filter fixing screw a few threads and start the engine, is it still revving too high? If it is the you need to make an adjustment to the governor mechanism. Very easy to do, look where you fitted the new spring. The fixing above the carburetter has a short flat arm with a hole in it where you attached the main governor spring. With the engine turned off grip the arm with a pair of pliers and gently twist the arm towards the rear of the engine, thereby reducing the tension of the gov' spring resulting in lower top end rpm. Good luck Phil G

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