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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Qualey, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Qualey

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    Anyone know of a body manufacturer that makes a 16' dumping flatbed with 1' high fold-down sides? Omaha makes one with uprights halfway down each side, but I need one that allows wide open access to the deck when the sides are down. Thanks for the help.

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    What are you putting a 16' bed on ?

    Something like that you may want a welding shop build you one to you specs a 16' dumpbed has to be pretty strong.

    Is this for hauling gravel or are you looking for a flatdeck with side on it ?
  4. Qualey

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    Its going on a 93 TopKick, 33,000 GVW. It has a knuckleboom and flatbed currently. We use it to transport slabs and other bulk stone pieces, but rather than by another truck I want to modify the body so I can continue doing what I currently am, and have the ability to haul aggregate, etc during its downtime.
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    I would make your current deck dump it would be easier I assume the decking is wood which you would change to 1/8 or 3/16s steel plate. You could use a scissor hoist for the dump but I would probably use a twin underbody ram set up for a flatdeck it keeps the deck from racking.

    If the deck has stake pockets you build some slip in sides for it for a gate you will have to have one that swings like a barn door.

    The other option which is a expensive one but will make a heck of a truck is if you go with a system like this Rolloff

    What you would have is a box for hauling gravel or a fladeck you could even do brush hauling if you wanted too.

    A small roll off truck with a Hiab (knuckle boom) would be handier than h*ll.

    Just something to think about :blob3:

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