Looking For A Fort Myers Tech For Topchoice Application

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rlk3331, Jan 29, 2008.

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    I just moved to fort myers and i have fire ants in the yard and need a pest control tech i got a quote for topchoice from TruGreen ChemLawn of $475 for around 27,000 sq ft lot is this a good price or can someone do better. this is a 1 year guarantee.
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    Over & Out is the same product in Homeowner packaging with just a tad less Active Ingredient and a lot less cost than buying Top Choice. You can buy it at China WalMart or Home Cheapo and apply it yourself. However Depending on your soil, it might not last 6 months. The product is not bad, It is the Sandy soil of SW Florida that is the problem. On 27,000 Sq Ft the least expensive and IMHO best way to go is Ant Baits. Just like Top Choice or Over & Out, It will take 6 weeks to gain control But will give control just about as long. Re apply Ant Baits Every 3 months and your ant problem should be controlled.

    PS Do a search here under "Texas Two Step" I posted IMHO what is a very informative post about Fire Ant Control. There are links to University Studies.

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