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    My husband and I have about 15 acres of property, around 4 of which we'll be mowing. The majority of it is gently, rolling/flat. There are some hills, and my guess is that the inclines range from 15-35 degrees. There are trees scattered all around, and some have low branches.

    In time we will do some landscaping on some of the hills, but not the one right in front of our house. It's like a slide - small hill, flattens out, small hill, flattens out, etc. Does that make sense?

    We're looking at the Hustlers as well as others. Without seeing it, could you give me your recommendation on what models you have that may suit our needs, along with the prices. And what attachments do you offer?

    Thanks you for your time, country girl
  2. mowerconsultant

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    The Hustler Z or Super Z will fit your needs excellent, although I would opt for the Super Z due to the larger pumps and wheel motors (more flow and torque for those slopes).
    As far as attachments go, we have a few catcher options, tow hitch, mulch kit and in the future a snowblower and snow blade.
    I am sure there will be a few responses here in the next few hours.
    Do a search also, you will find plenty of information here on LS on the Super Z's.
    Pricing is located here > http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=79709

  3. markindetroit

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    I have 12 acres with about 10 needing cutting. I just cut 5 acres yesterday and it took me about 2 hours. We have similar property to what you described. I have a Super Z 60"/ 27HP. The people we bought the property from had a New Holland tractor with belly mower and it took them about 5-6 hours to cut the same 5 acres I cut yesterday.
    I bought my mower last year and so far I have nothing but a great experience. My wife even likes to use it. I think you'd be pleased with either the Z or Super Z. Just get the deck size that works for you. If I had to do it over, I'd get the 72" deck rather than the 60".
    Hope this helps.
  4. Shady Brook

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    PJ is right, the Z and super Z are very good on hills, and are super mowers. Either will last you a lifetime with that kind of use. You could maybe get away with a Fast Track, and a Mini would probably work well, but I would go with the bigger Hustler Z or Super Z. They are good all around units for towing stuff around as well as mowing. Good luck
  5. puppypaws

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    Get the Hustler Super Z with the 27 or 28hp EFI and I promise that you will never regret it. I mow about 12 to 15 acres a week for personal use and I have my third Super Z with the 27hp Kohler coming at the end of next week.
    I got the 25 Kawasaki engine on the first mower then I went with the 27 Kohler for more power. I have 480 hrs. on this Super Z and still love it I just wanted to trade because sometimes boys like new toys. I have also owned a Bobcat which is and excellent mower but to give you and example I have a friend that is in the hospital and he has over 2 acres of lawn to mow and trim. I have mowed this with his Bobcat several times and it takes me 55 minutes to finish everything, I drove my Super Z to his house which is 3 miles away and mowed the same amount in exactly 32 minutes. I am the kind of person who likes the extra speed of the Super Z for mowing and moving from place to place and once you ever operate this machine you will not want to be on anything else.

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